Welcome to the Lingerie Detective. The name is inspired by my childhood love of detective novels beginning with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. I also have a deep love affair with lingerie and a collection to back it up. This website is my personal creative outlet and my attempt to give back to the online lingerie community. Now, a few things to clarify: I am not a fit expert. I have not gone to any bra school or any fashion school or even taken sewing lessons. I am one woman with a love for lingerie that spends the majority of her time reading about it and looking at it. What you will get on the blog is honest reviews of lingerie I own and try on. As I am technically borderline full-bust and plus-size, I model all my own lingerie to show other women what these styles look like on a non-model, plus-size body. Sometimes you will also get articles about body image, diversity, and all those lovely larger concepts that inevitably come up when discussing underpinnings.
Live long and lounge in lingerie.

— Currently Updating Occasionally —