Uye Surana Floral Illusion Tights Review


I recently purchased these Floral Illusion Tights from Uye Surana during an Instagram sale. Upon advice, I chose size L-2XL in the light fabric. While these tights are currently sold out (and no longer on the website) this same fabric is used in the floral illusion stockings and rest of the floral illusion collection here.

Now, floral is not usually my thing but there is something beautifully whimsical about these tights. They belong on the legs of a princess blissfully snoozing in a field of flowers after having spent the morning defending her honour, defeating the Black Knight, and reclaiming her throne. Throw in a crown of flowers and a pet Cerberus: dreamland achieved. With fairytale and maypole vibes, how could I resist? In fact, the entire collection has long been on my radar though I was planning on buying the stockings, originally (and may still do so).

This item was purchased with my own money, no one asked me for a review, blah blah blah… disclaimer!

Currently, I am 5’3 and weigh around 167 give or take a few pounds. My hips are a rather generous 44″ and I carry most my weight in my ass and thighs. The L-2XL floral illusion tights fit well enough to wear but, unfortunately, they are not an ideal or perfect fit.

The length is good, the rise is good, and the fit around my knees and calves is all good. However, the floral illusion hosiery get too tight around my upper thighs: the flower pattern distorts into squished ovals. You can see in the photo below that the flowers begin to look less and less like flowers around the lower end of my tattoo and become blurred shapes of colour stretched taunt the higher you get. For reference, my thigh measures 23″ around where the top band of flowers ends on my right leg.

While the tightness is not quite sausage casing tightness, it is tighter than I find comfortable to wear all day and it visually spoils the whole flowers stuffed in my tights aesthetic.

The tights are no longer on the website so I cannot say this for certain my thighs should have fit comfortably according to the size chart, but I recall my body being within the height/weight combo of the size I ordered. Of course, where you carry your weight is always a confounding factor. In good news, it looks like the stockings version has distributed their sizing a bit different but I would still recommend contacting the brand and giving them your thigh measurement to ensure you get the right fit.

The Uye Surana illusion tights have a reinforced brief design built in to prevent runs where we tend to tug the most. Admittedly, I have already snagged a nail on the reinforced part without any lingering damage. Overall, the nylon material feels decently durable and good quality (soft, silky, but not flimsy).

I have always found that you really get what you pay for with hosiery: cheap tights often only last one or two wears! It is worth paying more as the lifespan of the garment substantially increases with better materials and more attention paid to construction and sewing. At full price, Uye Surana hosiery can be a bit of an investment but I think it is well worth it as their floral illusion sheer hosiery are absolutely gorgeous and will also last.

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