Erica M. Yosra Top Review

Give me wings and I will melt like a love-struck fool dreaming of soaring the skies as a vampire-angel-succubus crossbreed. Yeah, I have some strange fantasies-it’s coo. I own two robes with lace wing cutouts already (obsession established) and I would have full-blown wings tattooed on my back if it weren’t for that butterfly tattoo I got when I was 19. Combined with my clove for crop tops, the Yosra Top was destined to be mine from the second I laid eyes upon it. let’s just say I was sold… hook, line, and feathers.

I purchased the top in a size L/XL, which should fit a US size 8-14 according to the size chart. Though those numbers have little reflection on actual measurements, at a 41″ bust, I usually fit into a women’s size 12 (on top, my ass is an entirely different situation). Given the beautiful stretch knit, this top fits just like a second skin. There is no cutting in or rolling up or significant bunching or really any of those super annoying fit problems that curvy women tend to have with crop tops.

Yet, I do have one concern that may be semi-fit related as I have fairly strong shoulders and thick upper arms. There appears to be a fair bit of stress placed on the underarm seam and I do worry about it separating. I try and adjust the shoulders/arms to reduce stress at the arm pit but I am unable to ascertain how effective my measures will be on integrity of the garment in the long-term.

Now, crop tops are not meant to be supportive. They are not a bra or even a bralette. However, all my photos are taken of just the crop top – no bra underneath. I find the EricaM Yosra top offers a bit of support and shaping for my soft-tissue breasts. Bonus! I almost always wear this crop-top without a bra underneath unless I am going out. Then I have to consider the semi-sheer nature and take measures to hide those pesky nipples. 😉

The fabric of the Yosra Top is the same as the Mani Bodysuit, which is to say mind-blowingly soft and comfortable. Seriously, I could freaking live in this top and I did for about four days straight when I was having one of those kind of weeks–you know what I mean. While luxury lingerie by nature seems to be a delicate affair, the Yosra fabric seems rather resilient to wear. The only noted wear would be the seam issue I mentioned above and a minor amount of pilling under the arms where my arm rubs against my side-boob.

I mention durability because it is a pretty big deal to me. I love lingerie as much as the next lingerie blogger but I want what I buy to last. I am not a big fan of a disposable society or of fast fashion and such stuff that promotes polluting the environment for our own pleasure. To that end I now participate in textile recycling for all my clothes and home linens as well. However, the longer a beautiful piece of lingerie can last.. the better. This is one of the reasons I want to invest in better lingerie, not necessarily more lingerie.

The Yosra Top has been my favourite lingerie purchase of 2018 (so far). The design is beautiful, the fabric is decedent, and most importantly It makes me feel good. In the end that is what it is all about, right? Buy the lingerie and wear the lingerie that makes you feel good… that makes you happy.

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