Knixwear Athletic Leakproof Bikini Review

A couple of years ago, I spent an entire month reviewing menstrual underwear and those reviews turned out to be quite important to many people. It isn’t exactly a glamorous subject – period underwear – but women need to know whether what they are getting is going to give them the protection they need. Today, I am reviewing Knixwear’s Athletic Leakproof Bikini in bordeaux, size Large. My hips currently measure approximately 44″ so I fall at the upper end of the size chart’s recommended measurements for this size.

This item was purchased with my own money, no one asked me for a review, blah blah blah… disclaimer

I have always found Knixwear’s fit to be pretty spot on with their size chart so these fit really well. The seamless construction makes these virtually disappear over even the tightest of wardrobe choices, such as my pinup style pencil skirts. This is NOT true for virtually every other period underwear I have worn. I actually had a horror moment at work last year when I noticed how the difference in underwear thickness between the bum and the side panels on a particular pair of Dear Kate period panties was showing through my tight skirt. I was mortified.

You won’t have this issue with Knixwear’s leakproof panties. Seamless construction keeps everything invisible and the built in leakproof portion is only between the legs… where you bleed… eliminating unnecessary bulk. In these, I do not feel like I am wearing period underwear.

My only complaint is the length of the absorbent feature within the underwear (a common complaint I have). It stops too low in the front so I bleed about an inch over top of the absorbent area, and that fabric has the absorbancy of a regular pair of underwear… meaning zilch. Meaning blood stain on underwear. Meaning possible blood stain on inside of jeans, pants, skirt, etc.

This is where all my opinions of these underwear go to war with each other. I would rather wear these than any other of my period underwear because they feel like normal underwear, look like normal underwear, and are seamless under anything. HOWEVER, they are not leakproof when I use them on their own, without my diva cup. If they could extend the front of that leakproof pad by an inch, then these would become my gold standard.

I would be remiss to not mention purpose. These athletic leakproof underwear are not designed to replace your usual tampons, cup, or whatever you use. They are designed as a great backup option (will hold up to 3 tsp of blood) and are a good option for the days leading up to your period when you could start bloodletting at any moment and on days where you are just spotting or have a light flow.

Personally, they don’t work as well leading up to my period because of the overflow issue but I do use them as a backup to my diva cup during my period. In this role, they perform most admirably.

Sadly, the bordeux colour is no longer available (WHY?????!) but you can find their entire Leakproof range here.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol says:

    I received these last night, and my first impression out of the box was that the absorbent pad was way too low in the front. I don’t understand how it could work for anyone to be honest – I don’t think my proportions are that unusual. That really makes me think the zillion rave reviews I read must be fake. I gave it a try regardless of my misgivings, and sure enough too low. It’s a shame because they truly are seamless, the fit is great, and they would otherwise be my go to. Have you tried the ModiBodi seamless option? I still like the concept, but it’s got to work.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Same issue on the pad being too low! I have not tried ModiBodi (actually had not heard of them), have you tried that brand?


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