Uye Surana Sheer Layering Cami Review

I seem to have a real thing for crop tops right now. I have purchased two this year and have another on my planned purchases list: I detect a theme. My first cropped camisole purchase this year was the Uye Surana Sheer Layering Cami in Blush. The blush colour is sort of a light beige with copper undertones on the band and trim.

Now, I never buy lingerie in beige, browns, or skin-tones. My personal aesthetic has never included earth tones of any sort. However, I have been in this weird little head space where I want to be naked but covered. Seen but not seen clearly. Hide, but in place sight. The blush fabric performs this task admirably as the tone, on my skin, is understated.

There are many skin-toned camisoles available in the lingerie world, so why did I buy this one?

  1. It is reversible. You essentially get two looks – maybe three – for the price of one. You can wear the top with the button to the front, or to the back. When the button is forward, you can wear it buttoned or unbuttoned for a different appearance. These variations accommodate both higher and lower necklines.
  2. The band is adjustable. Just like a bra, this camisole’s band has a three columns of eyelets to provide a better fit that is not all the responsibility of the elastic band. A better fit means improved support.
  3. It is hand made in NYC. When I buy a cami from Uye Surana, I am not supporting unethical labour practices or putting money into the pockets of large corporations who care little (more like nothing) about what happens to their garment workers in foreign countries. Instead, I am supporting a small, female owned and operated business, which aligns far better with my moral compass.

The added expense of buying ethically made lingerie is always worth it, in my opinion. You often end up with a far better product. Uye Surana’s camisole may look ordinary but the garment’s versatility and quality make it well worth the $54 USD price tag. Ever worn scratchy mesh? I have – but certainly not from Uye Surana. This camisole is made of incredibly soft mesh that is smooth to the touch, like a whisper across your skin. The elastic band is wrapped in silk (the trimmings are in the same material as well), well known for being gentle on the skin. This silk has a beautiful sheen that contrasts with the mesh’s matte finish.

I ordered a size large (based on a 36″ underbust). The camisole fits well enough when i am not wearing a bra or only wearing a low-support bralette. However, I cannot wear the camisole with an underwire bra that provides full support (even un-padded) as there is not enough room for my full bust. I guess you might say I am in between sizes. I have decided not to exchange for the size XL – a decision I might regret later. If you are looking to purchase the Uye Surana Sheer Layering Cami, I recommend choosing the size that best accommodates your full bust measurement. As the band is adjustable, you will not be loosing too much support if the band is slightly larger than you usually wear.

Overall, this camisole is well made and a lovely neutral that satisfies a very specific role in my wardrobe. If earth tones are not your thing, the sheer layering cami also comes in white and black.



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