Harebrained Period Panties Review

Harebrained specializes in underwear & clothing basics featuring tongue-in-cheek humour with cute cartoon style graphics. They have a line of period panties that pair pop-culture references with the menstrual cycle (think blood, lots of blood). I recently purchased a pair of Cunt Dracula Briefs in size XL.

These were purchased with my own money, no review was asked for… blah blah blah…

These are not period panties like Dear Kate, SheThinx, or Lunapads. They neither hold any blood nor have any leak-proof properties. At best, these are designed to hide blood stains with a black gusset and a layer of black fabric lining the front interior of the underwear.

I suppose the main purpose of this underwear is to silently communicate to your partner that it is that time of the month. I am pretty good at verbal communication, but I do appreciate the tongue-in-cheek way that Harebrained’s period panties address the monthly bloodletting. My Cunt Dracula underwear have a cute as f*ck little Dracula with blood all around his mouth (messy eater). Add in red nails, mostly red eyes, and a swarm of bats with red eyes and you have a perfectly fantastic mix of period references and one of my favourite horror characters of all time: Count Dracula.

The size chart on Harebrained recommends size XL for a 36-38″ waist and 42-45″ hip. Currently, I measure 33″ waist and 44″ hips so I fall within this range. However, I would recommend sizing up. The waist band and leg openings are not as stretchy as the rest of the fabric. If you bloat at all on your period, then that waistband will cut in and make you terribly uncomfortable. These pictures were taken on a normal day and the waistband still presses in a bit too much for my liking.

While I love the Harebrained graphics, I find the quality rather lacking. The graphics are printed on top of white cotton. When the fabric stretches, the white shows through and turns the black a milky grey. The underwear also fade very quickly. My Cunt Dracula panties have been hand washed TWICE and there is already significant fading in the crotch area, especially along the seam, and on the ass and hips. Personally, I like my underwear to last a while and look good doing so. This lack of longevity is the primary reason I am not planning another Harebrained period panty purchase.

I would be remiss to not briefly mention ethics. Each pair of Harebrained Period Panties retails for $12.99 USD at full price and the underwear are made in China. At this price point, there is a pretty big chance that these underwear are not ethically made and you could very well be supporting unethical labour practices with your purchase. This is something I fight with all the time. The vast majority of my lingerie comes from indie companies, one-woman operations, or companies known to have ethical manufacturing processes. While more expensive, I would rather save up for a purchase than knowingly support unethical practices. So whenever I love something from a company that does not clearly state their dedication to ethical manufacturing and production, I hesitate. While I caved this time… it is pretty rare.

In the end, I love Harebrained’s fun approach to periods and their zany graphics. However, with quality and ethical manufacturing lacking, I will not be ordering from them again.

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