Yandy Magical Pastel Unicorn Romper Review

First of all… UNICORNS! Second of all, holy rainbows I am a unicorn! If you love unicorns… YOU NEED THIS ROMPER!

As I previously mentioned, I was recently asked to review some products by Yandy. For my second item, I chose the Yandy Magical Pastel Unicorn Costume because… unicorns! While this product is marketed as a “costume” it is essentially a bodysuit or a romper with a really amazing hood.

Disclosure: This romper was provided by Yandy for review: all opinions both positive and negative belong to me.

I really went out on a limb with this bodysuit as most my measurements do not fall within the size chart for the XL (the size I bought). While I am a sister size to a 38D (36DD/E), my waist and hips both fall outside the size chart. However, the bodysuit is made with 10% spandex so I figured (fingers crossed) that it might just fit.

In this case, I am delighted that I took a risk because – I fit, it fits, we fit together! The bodysuit is a good fit and the fact it accommodates my rather full ass without straining seams is an accomplishment in and of itself. For all you gals around my size wanting to buy this beauty – I am about a 41-33-44 right now and can fit the XL. Personally, I would like to see a plus-size version of this bodysuit but I do admit that Yandy has an incredible plus-size section including lingerie so I really can’t fault them for not making one of my favourites in plus.

I hate gushing about products because people take it as not genuine (and this is a legit concern with some bloggers) but I would like to take a moment to gush. This bodysuit is amazing. The material is soft and stretchy, hugging every curve but not cutting in or causing any major problem areas. The faux fur hood is incredibly soft and lined in the most vibrant pink material I have ever seen. For a bodysuit that is mostly white, the hot pink lining gives a beautiful pop of colour right around my face.

The unicorn’s horn is soft yet pointy and it stays erect at all times without any effort on my end. The mane has a great shape with fantastic colours that match the tummy spot for continuity. The ears, while small, are freaking adorable.

This pastel unicorn is also sparkly! The horn glitters gold and the bodysuit glitters silver. If the light catches you, you turn into a disco ball (just kidding!) The glitter is actually tastefully done, it isn’t like the crab from Moana.

I also noticed that this pastel unicorn romper was made in the USA. While that does not guarantee that the manufacturing is ethical, it highly increases the probability that the factory workers that made this unicorn bodysuit were paid a living wage and work in safe conditions.

I really have no major quibbles with the bodysuit — only a few minor quibbles. On each side of the chest there is a loose piece of fabric that should stay under and lay flat, but it likes to flip out. On the plus side you could use it for more coverage if you don’t want cleavage look. However, it can get annoying tucking that fabric back under. It would be nice if that was tacked down somehow.

Also the weight of the mane makes it want to lean to one side — this is just the nature of such a generous hood and the materials used to keep the mane erect. If a completely straight up-and-down mane is important to you, the hood will just require some adjustment throughout the day.

My boyfriend also noted that I get a bit of a camel toe while wearing it, so I asked if he was complaining and he assured me he wasen’t. I often have length issues with bodysuits so the fact this one fits and only gives me slight camel toe is still a win in my books. I would never wear this out of the house without jeans on anyway, so this is a non-problem for me.

Speaking of wearing this out, people on the street LOVE this bodysuit. I only went about six blocks in my pastel unicorn bodysuit (with jeans) and I received a ton of compliments. Just random strangers either stopping me or just comments shouted while walking by all to the tune of “OMG I love your unicorn hood!!”

lastly, I did want to note that this bodysuit is a hand-wash only product – or spot clean. As I am concerned about the hot pink bleeding into the white fur, I have only been spot cleaning as needed. In the future, I would love to see this bodysuit with a detachable hood so that I could wash the bodysuit separately without fearing damage to the hood.

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