Yandy Laced Long Sleeve Bikini Review

I have an obsession with long-sleeved swim tops right now, don’t ask me why. There is just something about full coverage without full coverage that really makes me happy. I was recently asked to review some products by Yandy, and I chose the Yandy Long Sleeve Bikini because it perfectly creates that illusion of full coverage while remaining fun, playful, and revealing.

Disclosure: This swim top was provided by Yandy for review: all opinions both positive and negative belong to me.

My current bust measures 41″ across the widest part so I requested the Long Sleeve Bikini in size XL. I often have to buy plus-size swimwear, but Yandy’s size XL in the regular swimwear section seems to bridge that gap between standard sizes and plus sizes that I so often fall into. According to their size chart, the XL is designed to fit a 40″ bust. On me, the fit is excellent and I could certainly see this top fitting up to a 43″ bust without issue.

Yandy’s long-sleeve swim top features a scoop-neck front with a lace-up detail to accentuate any cleavage you may or may not be sporting. I typically don’t have natural cleavage as my breasts sit far enough apart, but the detailing does highlight the inside of my breasts, making them look fantastic.

The two layers of swim fabric reinforce the bust and shoulders while only one layer is used through the arms. The top does not offer any support beyond what two layers of swim fabric can provide. Even though I usually wear a 36DD (breasts thought to be large by people who don’t know breasts), I don’t feel this long-sleeve top requires the added support of an underwire. My breasts are quite happy and comfortable in their wire free cage.

I find that the two-layers in the bust region minimize (but not eliminate) nipples showing through while the single layer in the arms allows for maximum coverage without unnecessary bulk. I had a lot of difficulty with the shoulders and arms in my last long-sleeve swim top review, but this time everything is good. The shoulders fit without additional stress and the sleeves skim my skin until the forearm, where they lift away from the skin like a typical sleeve. When swimming, I tend to push the sleeves half way up my forearm so they do not cause any drag.

The back of this swimsuit is one of the real highlights for me… because there is no back. Well, that is pretty close to true! The swimsuit is secured with a non-adjustable bottom strap and an adjustable top strap. The shoulder fabric only comes down so far in the back as to cover the top of the shoulder and then joins up with the rest of the top underneath my arms. Honestly, I thought the shoulders would be uncomfortable given the way they are anchored – but I was wrong. They are super comfy and don’t slip off one bit! Though not adjustable, the bottom strap fits perfectly. The adjustable top strap gives enough leeway that those with wide shoulders and broad backs as well as those with narrow shoulders can cinch in or out as much as needed.

While I totally love the design and fit of the long sleeve bikini, I do have some issues with the execution (aka: sewing). The seam option they chose for the neckline does not lay flat without some adjustment, and it often flips up to create a ridge along the entire neckline. I am no seamstress, but I know there has to be a way to keep that neckline flat. There is nothing integrally wrong with that seam structure, it is just a minor annoyance and one I quickly forget about when wearing this top.

However, whoever sewed this particular swim top did not finish the seam on the bottom front, beneath the laced part, that connects the two opaque pieces together. I will probably need to get that touched up at a local tailor to ensure it doesn’t tear out. This is only a small mistake (about a 1/2 inch of stitching missing), but for a $45 USD top, I think they could do a bit better in either the sewing or quality control department.

Lastly, the fabric changes from a double layer to a single layer about 2 inches down on the sleeve and you can visibly see the line where the second layer of fabric ends (though not so much in these pictures). This is not a deal-breaker for me by no means but I think they could have found a more discrete place to transition.

Sewing issues aside, I really enjoy the long-sleeve bikini’s aesthetic and this swim top is going to be a staple in my wardrobe. While I can lane-swim in Yandy’s long-sleeve bikini, that is not exactly what this top was designed for! (though that won’t stop me one bit). This is more of a frolic, have fun at the beach sort of top that will handle plenty of water and the occasional getaway from a shark… or your partner who won’t stop spraying you with water.

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