Salt Gypsy Turtleneck Rashguard Review

I see florals, I see geometrical shapes, but I rarely see a fabric in swimwear that really impresses me: until now. Salt Gypsy came out with an amazing mix and match collection of crop rashguards and swim bottoms in navy star and complementary yellow gold. I have to say, I wanted the ENTIRE collection. However, my budget determined that I could buy only one piece so I purchased the Salt Gypsy Turtleneck Rashguard – Navy Star in size L – from Seafoam Surf.

I loved the style of the rashguard: the combination of long sleeves and a turtleneck (to cover) with a cropped profile (to reveal) is aesthetically pleasing. By aesthetically pleasing, I mean I fucking love it. ❤ everything about this top is amazing: the softness of the fabric, the pattern, the design, and the UPF 50+ rating for true surf lovers.

I was also drawn to the brand’s ethos. Salt Gypsy builds their rashguards out of recycled polymide and Italian lycra. Their Italian lycra is made “from 100% ECONYL regenerated yarn.” In English, that means they use yarn made from recycled nylon, thus keeping unwanted nylon products out of landfills. In addition, their swimwear is made in Australia, designed by women, and R-certified. R-certified means that the company offsets it’s production energy costs to support renewable energy. On top of that, the bag they package their swimwear in is not made of plastic, it is made of starch and can be recycled like paper as it breaks down!

As a consumer, I am more actively pursing brands that are involved in Eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes (which is extremely difficult given that plus-size and Eco-friendly are on different freaking planets right now). I love that Salt Gypsy isn’t just playing lip service to making our world a better place: they really do care.

According to the size chart, a size L rashguard should fit size 8 – 10 US. As I can wear size 10 shirts and I like swimwear tight, I figured the Salt Gypsy rashguard would fit.


Though rather on the tight side.

The cropped rashguard is form fitting in every single way. I am comfortable and overall happy with the fit across my chest (though side seams show some pulling). However, the rashguard is too tight in the arms and the shoulders. It feels like I am sticking my arms into sausage casings – that tight. I like tight swimwear but with just two wears, this top is already showing signs of stress: the seams in the armpits are visibly strained and other seams are certainly showing a bit of pulling at the seams. While I can easily freestyle swim in the top, the stress in the shoulder and arm areas that worries me. I am afraid of damaging the armpit seams and fabric. I think if I could go one size up, this problem would be solved (but the company maxes out at a size L).

That being said, the rashguard was very comfortable in the water. It never rolled up on me or required any adjustment on my part. When swimming, I was only briefly cognizant of the turtleneck as the rest fits me like a second skin. The rash guard also appears to be well made. The seams are lovely, neat, and straight. The lightweight fabric feels silky soft on the skin. The swim fabric is thin and unpadded, so this top will show any cold nipple action you may have going on. Either embrace your nipples or layer a bikini underneath–personally, I am going for option #1.

I would usually hesitate keeping any top with this kind of fit issues but….. I love the fabric to freaking death! I had been watching this top for over six months and was so incredibly excited to purchase it come Black Friday! I have been unable to fathom parting with it since. However, I do plan to be more active this year for the sake of my own health so I am not returning this beautiful navy star rashguard in hopes it will fit a better in the future. FYI, neither Salt Gypsy nor Seafoam Surf have the navy star pattern in stock as of this post but they do have gorgeous black, poppy red, and candy pink turtleneck rashguards for this season.

Last note: If anyone from Salt Gypsy is reading this, please make a size XL. Fat girls swim (and surf) too. ❤

This rashguard was purchased with my own money. No review was requested.. blah blah blah etc.

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