Erica M. Mani Bodysuit Review

EM1 Some girls love bra sets and some girls love robes but I am firmly in camp bodysuit. In my mind, bodysuits are the truly versatile lingerie pieces as they can double as tops while the truth is hidden under pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

The Mani Bodysuit by Erica M. is a work of art. Delicate arms and hands glide gracefully around the body, accenting the waist, under bust, and décolletage. Viewed from afar, the hands are easily mistaken for design flourishes, but up close the hands become visible, inviting that ‘ah hah!’ moment from friends and bold strangers. In the lingerie industry there is a sea of staleness; a positive ocean of unoriginality and yet, here, we have something I have never seen before – something new and positively salacious.

I was attracted to the design but I really fell for the fabric. I have quite a few bodysuits but none equal the comfort and softness of the mani bodysuit. The fabric fucking blew my mind and made me look back on other bodysuits around the same price range and go “wtf, why aren’t you this freaking soft?” Erica M. has elevated my lingerie experience with this fabric, which is why I now want one of everything made with it.

So I love the design. I love the fabric. What about fit? I purchased the Mani Bodysuit (Black) in size Large/X-Large. According to their sizing advice, this bodysuit should fit an 8-12 dress size (US sizing). I am honestly not sure what size dress I wear as my measurements (currently: 41-33-45) do not simply fit into any one dress size. However – no bullshitting – I know I am pushing it.

I can’t really give an honest review of proper fit when I buy something not designed to fit my dimensions. But, I can say how it fits on me in case you also decide to push the same limits. On the good side, the neckline, chest, and waist area all fit well. However, the back of the bodysuit turns into a thong and the front also contracts the fabric so that it does not cover all of the front ‘v’ (FYI, picture at top is well adjusted to prevent crotch viewing). The leg holes try to do that super high-leg cut that was popular in the 1980s. The bottom sides of the bodysuit end up resting on my hip bones instead of just above the thigh. There is simply not enough fabric from the waist down to accommodate a big ass and the rest of the accoutrements. I don’t know if it is a height (torso length) or width (sizing) issue though I suspect it is both.

I really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly hope that Erica M. expands into plus-size bodysuits. I won’t buy anymore bodysuits from her (as I just tried my second bodysuit from her yesterday and fit was an even bigger disaster) but I will continue enjoying her incredible hosiery and will be scooping up some of her impressive tops in the near future.

This bodysuit was purchased with my own money. No review was requested.. blah blah blah etc.


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