Eucalan Delicate Wash Review

I hand wash about 1/3 of all my laundry due to the delicate nature of the fabrics (and brands) I buy. Pinup skirts & shirts made in the USA, Black Milk leggings made in Australia, and Reformation eco-friendly clothing all require delicate washing… on top of my bras, underwear, hosiery, bodysuits, and other lingerie. Essentially, I do a lot of hand washing and throughout the years I have used many different products.

I purchased my first adult bra when I was 19. I define adult bra as a bra not purchased from the likes of Walmart, Zellers, or similar stores. I fell in love with the daisy straps and sweetheart neckline on the Marie Jo Avero bra and bought it for $135 at Night Owl Lingerie in Edmonton. It was the single most expensive piece of clothing, never mind lingerie, I had ever bought myself.

Until that bra, I had always done what my mother did – threw my bras in the washing machine and dryer. However, the lovely staff at Night Owl informed me that this bra required hand washing and should be hung to dry. That day, I bought my first ever container of hand washing liquid: Eucalan’s Delicate Wash in Grapefruit. So when Eucalan reached out a few weeks ago asking if I would review their products, I felt it was kismet given that I have 10+ years of experience using their product.

I received a 16 oz. bottle of their Natural Delicate Wash and samples of their other four scents plus some wipes to review (recent product provided by Eucalan, all history and opinions are my own).

For YEARS I only used Eucalan Grapefruit scent and then gradually tried out the Natural and Jasmine. With Eucalan’s samples, I was finally able to try the Lavender and Eucalyptus scents. Scent is always subjective but I think the grapefruit is the best, with eucalyptus 2nd, lavender 3rd, and jasmine 4th. I was actually surprised at how wonderful the eucalyptus scent is – I always associate eucalyptus with Vick’s Vapour Rub – but Eucalan’s scent is more earthy, fresh, and clean. I regret not trying it earlier!

Eucalan is non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of a shitload of bad stuff including phosphates and synthetic fragrance. Not only is this better for our environment (as your washing water has to go somewhere!) it is far better for your skin. I have rather sensitive skin and Eucalan makes the only scented products I can actually use without getting a rash. Even given Eucalan’s great scents (especially the grapefruit, love it) I still prefer the natural, unscented Eucalan lingerie wash as it is safest option for my skin. I am guaranteed no irritation, no rash, no headaches, and no fuss!

This is not true for other brands I have tried. I think at some point we all find something really good and then wonder if maybe there is something better out there and then spend years torturing ourselves with subpar products. raises a hand I tried Soak but I found their scents too strong and their price too steep. I also tried out Forever New and have no desire to purchase it again. There are others I have tried and since forgot as they failed to impress.

For review, Eucalan also included wipes for removing fresh stains. I tested out the first wipe on a fresh yellowish stain on my new Totoro sweater. The stain came off with just a bit of scrubbing. I decided to test the limits of the second wipe on a dried blood stain. While the wipe certainly lessened the stain, it was just not strong enough to remove it completely. The wipes performed as advertised but they are not something I will be adding to my cleaning repertoire as I am not a fan of single use products.

In the end, I am a really big fan of Eucalan’s Delicate Wash and I have been for over 10 years because they clean well, smell nice, and are great for my sensitive skin. Though I may stray and try new things occasionally, I come back to Eucalan every time. ❤

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