Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Push-Up Bra Review


As per my last post, this Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Push-Up Bra is the third incorrect bra I was sent by Amanda May (I ordered a Dame de Paris plunge and was sent two balcony and a push-up). I reviewed the balcony in my last post but wanted to provide a mini-review of the push-up  as you will not want to order these bra styles in the same size!

As previously mentioned, I find the balcony and the plunge styles fit a bit large – I usually wear a 36DD/36E and both the plunge and the balcony fit best in a 36D. However, the push-up bra features thicker padding and a far shallower bottom cup, which results in reduced cup volume. I think it is pretty evident from my overflowing breast tissue that this bra is far too small for me! I would need to size back up to a 36E (at least) to get the push-up affect without the overflowing breast tissue issues. If you own this bra in a plunge or balcony style, you will want to go UP one cup size in the push-up. Conversely, if you have the push-up, you will want to go DOWN one cup size in the plunge or balcony Dame de Paris to get the same general fit. Essentially, take the push-up in your regular size and size down in the cup for the plunge or balcony.

There are other small fit differences that I wanted to note. The push-up bra also has a lower gore (and skinnier gore) than the plunge and the wires are the shortest of all three. The shoulder straps are also the thinnest, I would estimate they are 20% narrower than the other two styles. I am not sure why they would bother with narrower straps as they are less comfortable and all these bras are the same size.

The push-up and the plunge have their shoulder straps set in approximately the same place, with the balcony bra’s straps set further apart. If you have narrow or slopping shoulders, the plunge and push-up will be your better option. For gals with wide shoulders, the balcony might be more your friend.

The push up is made with the same black lace fabric as the balcony and I assume it will be just as durable as the purple lace on my plunge. I won’t be finding this out for myself though, as this bra is heading to the wonderful land of eBay to find a new home. In my experience, the Dame de Paris bras are built to last and that is one of the reasons I keep trying to score another plunge (which is the best cut on my breasts, in my opinion). I would certainly recommend buying from the Dame de Paris line, just ensure you get sent the right size and the right cut!

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