Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Balcony Bra Review


I acquired the Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Black Lace Balcony Bra in 36D from Amanda May earlier this year (purchased myself, not asked for a review, all opinions my own.. blah blah blah). I find my current Dame de Paris plunge bra fits a bit large in the cup so I abandoned my usual 36E in favour of the 36D recently.

My current measurements are:

  • Underbust: 35.5″
  • Bust: 41.25″

Using the +0 method, I should wear a 36DD/E according to your average calculator. However, I was experiencing a lot of gaping with the 36E, so the 36D is currently the best. The cups encapsulate all non-migratory breast tissue and fit without any gaping or over spill of consequence.

Both bras (plunge and balcony) fit a bit large in the cup size (as noted by my wearing a 36D) and true to size for the band. The cup shapes are nearly exact except that the plunge has a shorter gore and several inches less fabric to create a plunge whereas the balcony is a straight across cup. I compared cup volume and wire length/curve/placement between my purple plunge and black lace balcony – they are pretty much exact.

I did notice the strap placement is different between the plunge and the balcony. The balcony’s straps are set about an inch wider on each side, maybe a bit more. This has always been one of the two things I don’t like about balcony shaped bras: wider straps and fuller coverage. They cover the entirety of my breast and tend to cut into my arm pit because of the strap width and cup height combined. On the Dame de Paris bra, the wider straps can be annoying on occasion but that is not a frequent issue, or else I am used to it by now.

While the wires do not look like they run that high, they do sometimes rub and annoy the fudge out of me. I have some pudge under my arms– I have no idea if it is migrated breast tissue or what – but this tends to get trapped between the end of the bra and my underarm – overflow. I would have assumed it was indicative of the cup being too small but at this point I am pretty sure it is just natural for me. I can tuck that pudge in but a minute later it is right back out.

The bra shape coupled with the lightly-padded, molded cups is very much “two cakes on a plate” style. If you are in the mood to have your boobs stick out like two snow-globes, then this is a great bra for it. The only downside (for me) is I am left feeling up my own breasts and not feeling like they are ‘my’ breasts. This is often why I prefer non-molded cups but this is very much a personal preference.

Molded cup bras certainly have their place. This is great for hiding hard nipples and can be fabulous when wanting to accentuate your beautiful curves on a date night – whether that date is with others or just yourself. The black strap detailing at the top of the cup is a nice flourish, and the black lace overlaying a dark brown/grey (colour up for debate?) also provides visual interest and takes this up a level from just a plain black bra.

I have always been impressed with the quality of Marlies Dekkers’ bras. I hand wash all my bras but even so, MD bras hold up remarkably well: I am still wearing the bra I purchased in 2014 and it barely looks worn! Granted I have a fair number of bras on rotation but it still gets worn quite often and I have recycled many a bra between then and now. The elastic and integrity of cup have held up admirably on my Dame de Paris Plunge.

In my next post – I will be reviewing the push-up bra and showing the similarities and differences between all three styles (plunge, push-up, balcony) that I currently own. However, time for a little bedtime story…

Customer Service Gone Wrong

So here is a little story for you. I ordered the Dame de Paris Black Lace Plunge Bra (with matching thong) from Amanda May when they were on sale in the spring. When my order came in, the bra I received was the Dame de Paris Black Lace Balcony Bra. Same bra family-different cut. I let them know of the issue immediately and they sent out another bra, Now, I feel sorry for small businesses when things go amiss so I offered to pay – and then proceed to pay – for the balcony bra (the mistake), because it fit well enough to keep. This way, they weren’t out much money. The replacement bra comes in and guess what? It is the balcony bra, again. I contact Amanda May again, send photos, and they shipped out a third bra. I did not need a second balcony bra, so I offer to send it back and they agreed. I mail the bra back to them, sent them the cost for shipping and….


There was no reply and they never refunded the shipping cost for the second balcony bra that was their mistake; even after I paid for the first mistake bra as a gesture of goodwill. When the third bra arrive, I discovered it was the push-up bra, not the plunge like I had ordered. Three bras – all the wrong bra. I just didn’t bother after that. In the end, it was a very disappointing transaction and it is the type of interaction that kills my desire to ever buy from a company again.

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