Nettle’s Tale The Heather Top Review


Nettle’s Tale is a Canadian swimwear company (and outdoor lifestyle boutique) based online with a physical store in Vancouver, BC. As I both live in the lower mainland and strongly believe in supporting local, it seemed a natural choice for me to try this brand.

I purchased The Heather Top (with my own money, no review was asked for, etc.) in the black & stripe colour way – size Large. For reference, my full bust measurement is currently a smidgen under 42″ (36DD) — which falls within the size chart‘s recommended measurement for the size I purchased.

Honestly, I fucking love this swim top. It offers full coverage and a clean, drag-resistant front with absolutely no chance of a boob escape out the top, sides, or bottom. The lacing allows me to tie this as tightly as I like and it stays secure with an appropriate knot to hold the laces in place.

Ah, the laces. I love how these make such a gorgeous pattern down my back and how they highlight my tattoo. Practically, the cross over design at the shoulders allows for full shoulder rotations unhindered by fabric or straps. The strapping is not anchored to the neck (like many full-bust bikinis I know of), which is a lifesaver for anyone with larger breasts. This is one of the primary reasons I don’t wear bikini tops – my neck does not like the weight of my breasts and I hate fighting with straps falling off my shoulders.

Now, let’s talk about breasts and the support there of. The Heather Top is a reversible swim crop top: it has two layers of fabric but does not include any padding due to the reversible nature of this garment. I found the double layer of fabric coupled with the tie back provided some support for my breasts, certainly kept them close to my body, but there is nothing to mold or shape or shove those babies up, if that is your jam. Also, hard nipples will show through – be forewarned. If you are sensitive about people seeing you have nipples (I am soooo not, we all have nipples!) — then you might also want to consider that.

I am no expert on fabrics, but I have worn a lot of swimsuits. This fabric feels thick and has a lovely softness to it. In my opinion, it feels like a good quality piece that will last for years. While the fabric does become looser in water like a usual swimsuit, it does not sag or become mis-shapen.

Heh, this is turning out to be quite the glowing review… isn’t it? Well, there are so few downsides I can think of to mention. The bottom of the crop top does like to roll over, but I like how it lets the other side peek through and act as an accent. The strings can come untied while swimming, but only if you fail to tie a secure knot. Human error.

The last two things I want to mention are, in my opinion, two of the greatest things about this top and reflect on Nettle’s Tale as a whole. The Heather top is not only designed in Vancouver but also made in Vancouver and 10% of proceeds from this top are donated to the Vancouver Native Health Society. I am delighted that Nettle’s Tale decided to manufacture in Canada, therefore supporting the local economy and local trades. Also, their interest in taking care of the local community by donating a substantial chunk of their profits to charity is highly admirable. I do not know of any other company who donates such a large chunk (10%) of their sales to charity as status quo: not for a promotion (looking at you Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to increase sales and hop on the fashionable bandwagon.

The Heather Top retails for $85 CAD (approx $66.14 USD). I think this price point it is entirely reasonable given the quality of fabric, the reversible feature (which uses 2x the fabric), and the fact that this piece is manufactured in Canada. You can mix and match this top with different bottoms from Nettle’s Tale or your own wardrobe to make it your own.

Btw, I’m BACK!!!!!!

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