ParaNoire €25 Voucher Giveaway


—- CLOSED —-

I have something extra-special for this giveaway: a nice little €25 voucher for the ParaNoire store. Currently she is only selling in-stock items due to her health, but I admire the socks off that woman and would love to spread the word about how amazing she is and how lovely her designs are. This is why I am giving away this voucher that I won in a contest a bit ago.

I won this voucher for the picture above, which I affectionately called Para-bunny. It seems equally fitting an image for this time of year anyway, so I couldn’t help but share. Now the quick and dirty details for giveaway entry:

I want to send the lovely woman behind ParaNoire a shower of love and support from the lingerie community – she deserves it! So the only requirement for the giveaway entry is:

  1. Send a loving and supportive tweet to ParaNoire on twitter (@paranoiredesign) and then note you have done so in the comments below.

That is it! I will randomly pick a winner for the €25 voucher on January 15th.  I will also be randomly picking a runner-up winner who will receive a €5 voucher. So you have two chances to win and the only thing it costs is a little time and a little love.

FYI: you can check out my review of ParaNoire underwear HERE.

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