Royce Lingerie Poppy Bra & Briefs Review


I just moved for the fourth time in eight months, and I am exhausted. However, I made it into my to be here for a long while home just last weekend. It seems appropriate then that my first lingerie review in my new home is the bra I wore for my last move: the Royce Poppy Bra.

Royce provided this bra set free of charge in exchange for an honest review. As per usual, the content of the review reflects my personal experience and all opinions are my own.

Quick note: ignore Royce’s bra size calculator, please. It uses the +4 method for bra fit. Putting my current measurements into the calculator (36″ underbust with 42″ bust), the calculator spit out 40C. Which is wrong, so so so wrong. Personally, I went with my gut and my experience. I usually wear 36E bras but I always go down a cup size in moulded bras so I asked for a 36DD with the matching underwear in an XL.

The poppy bra is an interesting combination of wireless bra, nursing bra, and moulded cup t-shirt bra. Given that it is a moulded cup shape, the bra works better with some breast shapes than with others. I would give it about an 8/10 on my breasts as it is pretty good but there are a couple fit issues.

36DD is the right size for me. I wear it on the loosest set of hooks but I can fasten it on the second set. On the loosest setting, the band does not move throughout the day: even wearing the band too low (I discovered that I chronically wear my bra band too low… it is amazing what dehydration and 14 hours in a bra can tell you.), it just stayed put where I placed it. The poppy band is a perfect fit for me using the +0 method of underbust to band size.

The cups are also a good fit. My breast tissue is completely encapsulated. The top of the cups are more closed, with the cup resting against my breast tissue without cutting in or significantly gaping. While the cups are a bit too wide for my breasts, this doesn’t seem to deter function as my breast tissue is guided towards the front of my body producing the rare and illustrious unicorn: cleavage.

I keep looking down, surprised to see actual bonafide cleavage peaking out at me. With shallow breasts, cleavage is a rare occurrence only observed when initially placing my breasts in a particularly forward bra… until my tissue settles into their traditional drooping mounds of soft pudge. This cleavage is in a WIRELESS bra, which is further astonishing and makes the poppy bra an immediate hit!

Be sure to tighten the bra straps appropriately as they are part of a bra’s support system you really notice with a wireless bra. The poppy gives a rounded profile that many women will find attractive. If you are a full-bust woman who wants some support without wires, then I recommend the poppy as it offers support and is currently available up to a 40FF. I would add the caveat that a wireless bra can never offer as much support as a wired bra, but the Royce poppy offers pretty darn close to the same support as some cheap bras I have tried so… jury is out!

royce_lingerie05aThe only fit issue I have with this bra is the bottom of the cups. I have immediate projection on the bottom of my breasts and the cups are naturally sloping. The weight of my breasts coupled with immediate projection forces the moulded cup to fold onto itself. This does not affect comfort level and it cannot be seen by the naked eye unless you are eyeballing the bottom of my bra cup from an uncomfortably close position. You do not see this when the bra is worn under a shirt. However, you can easily feel it if you are running your hands along the bottom of the bra. This is just a minor shape incompatibility with my own breasts but the majority of women will not have this issue.

Comfort. Oh lovely lords and ladies this bra is fucking comfortable. Seriously… I MOVED in this bra. I packed boxes, taped boxes, moved boxes, took boxes down stairs, took furniture down stairs, shoved furniture and boxes in a U-haul, and then did the entire thing again in reverse. It wasn’t until 9PM that night that I had to strip off the poppy bra because I – idiot me – failed to wash the bra before I moved. But I HAD to wear the Royce poppy bra to move because it is the most comfortable bra I currently own.

I now wear this bra around the house for cleaning. I wear this bra to work in a corporate office. I wear this bra to run errands. I wear this bra just like any wired bra in my wardrobe because it acts a lot like any other bra in my wardrobe regardless of wire status. It is just a really good everyday bra.

For nursing mothers, I find the clips fasten and unfasten easily and it is simple to fold down the cup. I do find the white strap attaching the shoulder strap to the bottom of the bra to be too long as I have short breasts, so I would like to see that made adjustable.

As I noted previously, I also received the matching poppy brief in XL. The XL translates over to a UK 20-22 or US 16 – 18. The briefs are a good colour match, though I find the position of the contrasting fabric odd. Regarding fit, the briefs are generously stretchy: I have 46.5″ hips and could have sized down to a large, though reducing ass coverage. I would say girls with up to 52″ hips could do very well in these briefs. This is refreshing as Royce Lingerie offers up to 40″ bands, so it is a positive sign their underwear also accommodates more plus-size bottom bits too.

The Royce Lingerie Poppy Bra & Brief Set is now on very frequent rotation in my wardrobe. I hope Royce expands their t-shirt style moulded bras with other fun fabrics.

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  1. Jolly Jack J says:

    Absolutely stunning. Wow. Just… Wow.


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