she and reverie Fireplace Pullover Review


Life is chaos so my reviews will be sporadic at best and non-existent at worst until I get real life sorted out. However, I had to take some time this Sunday (between laundry and grocery shopping and bed making and looking for an apartment) to review my recently(ish) acquired she and reverie fireplace pullover.

She and reverie items only go up to size large, therefore I consulted the brand on Twitter before purchasing. Their customer service is excellent: they respond quickly and provide honest answers without making a potential buyer feel pressured. The pullover is on sale from $145 USD down to $95 USD. Including shipping, Canadian taxes crossing the border, handling fees, and currency differences — this sweater cost me $163.02 CAD.

The fireplace pullover is a little hard to describe. It feels like a cloud spider unravelled the fluffiest cumulus nimbus and spun a sweater out of the threads. Not only is the pullover so freaking soft, it is unbelievably lightweight and so finely knitted that I have a hard time believing either human or machine created this. …cloud spiders…

I am in complete awe, how could I not be? I have never felt anything so soft and delicate nor do I own anything else –lingerie or not– so ethereal. While I have owned a number of wool, cashmere, and merino wool tops before, this pullover (80% wool, 20% acrylic) is softer than the finest cashmere I have owned and lighter than any sweater I have owned, whether wool-based or not.


The loose knit has a delightful feminine pattern and the oversize fit provides ample room for full busts, big tummies, and wide hips.  I am currently 42-33.5-47 inches and the large fireplace pullover is still deliciously oversize. The extra-long sleeves pile up on my arms like clouds running into a cold front.

Speaking of a cold front, the fireplace pullover is surprisingly warm for such a light fabric and loose knit. I have had to strip the sweater off on many a warm day as I was terribly overheating. I look forward to the cool evenings of autumn.

I could probably just repeat the word SOFT over and over for 300 words and it would be a pretty accurate review. However, I would be remiss if I did not mention some concerns.

This pullover is delicate, and I treat it as such. Yet I worry abut its durability in the long run. Will this sweater last five years? I really cannot say. I worry about snagging the delicate threads on rings, cat claws, earrings. I worry about friction between my arms, body, and surfaces turning the sweater into fuzz. I worry about the charm – which is surprisingly weighty – eventually breaking the threads it weighs down.

Did I ever mention I worry a lot? This is the hypothetical realm though. Perhaps such items are a balancing act: some features must be sacrificed for other features to be possible. The she and reverie fireplace pullover is the ethereal embodiment of a cloud: perhaps this atmospheric experience comes at the cost of durability and longevity. Only time will tell.


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  1. Lovely sweater! Beautiful photos and prose.


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