New Job Lingerie Wishlist


Some of you may not know – but I have been in the realm of joblessness for the past six months. As I was a freelance writer, that jobless time did not come with any EI to sooth the wallet. As such, my spending has pretty much grown to a halt.

However, good news! I have been offered a position mostly within my field of expertise: I can almost taste a steady income. The job is, unfortunately, in a different city so I have to do all those terrible things like find an apartment, pack, move, sedate my cat, and so forth.

I find it nice to have something to look forward to when life is pretty much constantly tossing me out of my comfort zone. While I need to hold off spending for a bit longer until I actually start my job and get paid, here is what my lingerie wish list looks like right now:

she and reverie Fireplace Pullover in pearl – Purchased Aug 2016

What can I say? I have dreamed of a chunky-knit sweater made out of mostly wool that would look incredible just paired with underwear and a cup of hot cocoa. This has to be my dream sweater. I already checked with the marvellous customer service at she and reverie: she confirmed that the size L will indeed fit my body. I am dying in anticipation.

Urban Bird Clothing The Rosa Keyhole Cami

I think the owner of Urban Bird Clothing and I are in the same boat as she is just starting a new full time position as well. The shop is closed during the transition, but I cannot get enough of this Rosa Keyhole Cami. This is one of those rare bralettes that displays underboob cleavage, which is a personal favourite of mine. I will need to custom order this is a 36E/DD when she reopens. The fabric might also be a bit different, as she is currently sold out of this material.

Bras Without Wires Geo Padded Bra (36DD) – Website gone

I am not sure what happened to their website (currently sporting a 404 error) but this Bras Without Wires Geo Padded Bra is totally on my wish list. Honestly, I am pretty disenchanted with wired bras lately except for going out for dinner and such. I want comfort. I am enchanted with the idea of this padded, wireless bra and cannot wait to try this brand. (pic above copyright I might also want the matching underwear, bit I don’t think they will fit.

Black Milk Sporty Stripes Hosiery 2.0

I owned a pair of the 1.0 Sporty Stripes Hosiery and pretty much wore them to death. They are all sorts of sexy even though I am not really a ‘sporty’ style person. These are killer just paired with shorts and a pair of boots. Really, these are wicked awesome and they fit such a generous range of sizes including my 48″ hips.

Playful Promises Candace Electric Blue Strappy Curve Brief

I have loved Playful promises for a long time even though their bras are generally not the best shape for my breasts. They recently released a plus-size range, which delights me to no end as my bottom half is certainly plus-size. I usually wedge myself into the largest size available, but now their plus size will allow me to buy bottoms that fit, are comfy, and are super sexy. Want. Want. Want.

Black Milk A-Sassy-Nation Summer Bodysuit

This OSFA bodysuit is KILLER! I know from personal experience with the sleeved version that this bodysuit goes a bit sheer on larger girls. However, it is a fantastic at home piece and makes for killer layering with a skirt. I own two of the sleeved version and I absolutely must have this no-sleeve version. I now only wish they would make it in swim material. I would die.

Origami Customs Custom Sheer Mesh V Crop Bikini Top

I am getting back into swimming mentally, soon to be followed by physically. I recently picked up a Nettle’s Tale swim bottom and want this sexy top to go with. I am imagining a custom combo of white material, black mesh, and black trim to pull it all together and match my black bottoms. I dunno if what I have in my head will work, but I look forward to finding out.

Nettle’s Tale The Cyd Rash Guard

Okay, I don’t want this exact design, but I totally need to get my hands on the new style of Rash Guard that Nettle’s Tale has released. My size is sold out in this design, but I have it on good authority that they will be releasing this yet again. I love the idea of a rash guard for those days I want full coverage and – besides – they totally make my size. Like Origami Customs, Nettle’s Tale is an awesome Canadian brand. Totally into the swimwear right now.

Dottie’s Delights Hawa sheer black lace lounge top

I don’t even know why I want this top: I just do. It may be because I imagine pairing it with a high-waisted skirt, black bra, and a killer pair of heels. I also am a t-shirt and underwear sort of girl when it comes to lounging around the house. Essentially: this top could actually be considered a practical addition to my wardrobe, eh?

What Katie Did Underbust Riding Corset 

I keep on telling myself that I am not buying another corset until I get back into the corsets I own… which is many. Yet, I totally need an underbust corsets. I only have one and it is mesh, which is not terribly restrictive I have to say. I love the idea of this riding corset as it allows a ton of mobility – bonus – while still cinching in awesomely. I know black is not terribly entertaining but I would probably get this in black so I could wear it with anything. However, I would really like it in a matte fabric. *nod*

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  1. r says:

    Congrats on the new job!


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