Kiss Me Deadly Pankhurst Lace Capelet Review


There is the bolero and there is the capelet: out of the two I much prefer the mini cape as a way to cover my shoulders when I want to. I picked up this Kiss Me Deadly Pankhurst Black Lace Capelet with a voucher I had for the store. The lace is the same lace used throughout the Pankhurst collection so you can play matchy-matchy if you like.

I purchased this capelet specifically for lingerie as outerwear: to pair with dresses and corsets when I want a little more shoulder coverage. The overall length is perfect for covering a back-fat roll at the top of your corset when cinching down. On my torso, the Pankhurst capelet comes to about elbow length, giving plenty of arm coverage as well.

The open capelet front provides a great frame – it is the bomb with corsets where cleavage is like RIGHT THERE – but once in a while I like to cover up the girls behind a veil, ya’know? So I wish the Pankhurst capelet had a bit more fabric for the more busty. For reference: this is the L/XL (though the package was marked medium, which caused great confusion, see below) which should fit UK dress 14-18 (US 10-14). At a 43″ bust there isn’t much chest coverage.

Cheap lace has two defining qualities in my opinion: it is stiff and it is coarse. The Pankhurst lace is NOT cheap lace. This lace is silky: I rub it between my fingers and it glides effortlessly. Indeed, the lace is so soft that it drapes naturally around my shoulders, falling in folds where it may. Decadent. Buttery. Delicious. I notoriously hate floral print but the Pankhurst lace isn’t throwing up flowers. Rather, it is a very subtle print that I appreciate. Overall, it feels like a delightful piece of alternative lingerie that looks lovely too.

I think the tie ribbon that trims the top of the capelet surprised me: it is not that it is a bad ribbon, just it pales in comparison to the lace that it is attached to. If I could have but one change, I would like to request that it be made softer (and thicker). It is rather stiff, refusing to make a nice bow no matter how many times I try it. I think this cape could be taken to another level (expect price increase appropriate too) if there was a gorgeous, thick, double-sided ribbon used up top. Of course, I am totally for oversized bows *squee* but that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

I am so pleased that I picked this cape up. It has filled a major hole in my wardrobe and answered the question “what can I put over my corset for a little more coverage.” If you wear corsets, if you wear dresses with short sleeves, if you are a nude superhero and need an appropriate cape, then I recommend picking up the Kiss Me Deadly Pankhurst Black Lace Capelet.

Just a quick note: the Kiss Me Deadly customer service is always fabulous to deal with. There was much confusion over the sizing of the capelets which resulted in sending back the first one and getting a second one – with a gift – to receive the same size then to figure out that it was the ‘right’ size just the wrong label.. etc. Throughout the process, the Kiss Me Deadly customer service really put me at ease, was incredibly responsive, and really helped reduce stress as well. Much love to Lydia.

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