Dottie’s Delights Sleepwalk Short Sheer Dressing Robe Review


I picked up two gorgeous Dottie’s Delights Sleepwalk Short Sheer Dressing Robes, one in mint and one in lavender, from Esty Lingerie. I guest write for Estelle’s blog; so far these two robes have been the fruit of that labour. And such wonderful fruit it is!

OH. MY. SQUEE! These robes are sheer decadence (pun intended) like a veil of cotton candy wafting about your body. The pastel colours are very femme and girly, which is a part of my personal aesthetic. I feel like an absolute doll wearing my Dottie’s Delights sleepwalk robes.

Speaking of dolls, well not exactly dolls, but I have a collection of plush animals that are quite dear to me. I never travel without one. Imagine my delight when the lavender robe complemented Pamplamouse and my mint robe was a perfect match for Mr Flippers (both Jellycat plushies). Matching your lingerie to your plushies is the ultimate matchy-matchy!


The single layer of sheer pastel mesh is accented by a scalloped ruffle along the bottom and ruffle trim on the sleeves. The bottom ruffle is sewn onto straight-edged mesh fabric, thus the bottom of the robe is not scalloped. I found this really hard to tell in the stock images so I wanted to make that clear in my review. A matching opaque ribbon fastens at the neckline.

For girls with big bums, you will be happy to hear that the robe is actually longer in the back than in the front so there is none of this riding up that plagues so many of my skirts and dresses. For short girls, this short robe is actually about knee-length, like a 3/4 robe. I am 5’3 and it hits me near knee length.


I am at this cusp place where I should have bought size 2 (41″+ bust) but my stubborn desire to be a smaller version of myself prompted me to buy size 1 (up to 40″ bust). Besides, I plan to start swimming again… it’s all good, right?

Currently, I am between a 42 to 43″ bust with what I assume are narrow shoulders: this assumption is based on the number of bras whose straps slide off my shoulders. I also have shallow upper breasts: which is significant for fit. Size 1 works well on my frame as there is plenty of fabric at the bust area and everywhere else. 34″ waist? Easy. 48″ hips? No problem in a size 1 robe.

The Dottie’s Delights dressing robe is a fairly loose fit designed to fit a myriad of shapes and sizes. You just need to have a grasp of your upper body size to choose between size 1 and 2. There is potential for the underarms to get too tight if your shoulders are broad, your breasts are full on top, or if you carry more upper body weight. Personally, the fit is very good on my body.

There is something special to be said about lingerie that can handle a bit of weight gain, weight loss, bloating, etc. and still make you feel like a goddess. While the sleepwalk robe is most certainly sheer, it is like placing a beautiful frame around a tumultuous picture: the robe enhances and presents my body in a way that makes me like my body more on days I am not liking much of anything. In their own little way, these robes are comforting. They make me smile… and then giggle in glee.

FYI: you can totally layer one robe over another like I did in the images directly above. Underneath the robes on most of these pictures, I am wearing my beloved Playful Promises Mia Bra & Brief Set.

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