Change Room Stories V: Featuring Freya Deco


I am coming off hiatus early to publish this quick little review of some Freya Deco bras I tried on while visiting Edmonton, Alberta. All bras were tried on at Les Saisons Lingerie in West Edmonton Mall. The pictures are all just taken on my iPhone 5 so nothing fancy!

Freya Deco Bra – Rebel – Animal Print (4234): 36E

I have been dying for a plunge, push up bra and I have to say first impressions were rather disappointing. It is hard to see, but my breasts are just hanging out in this bra with no pushing up. There is extra space on the top sides of the cup and there is also extra space at the bottom of the cup. I typically wear a 36E, but I decided to size down to a 36DD to see if I could get a little more oomph.

Freya Deco Bra – Rebel – Animal Print (4234): 36DD

Here we have the same bra in a DD cup and the result is inspiring. You can see from the side view that my breast tissue is actually being pushed up into the upper portion of the cup. I am supper shallow up top so seeing volume up there is pretty cool. My breasts are filling out the cups this time. However, I have like no cleavage as the Deco separates and rounds my breasts instead of bringing them closer together.

Freya Deco Bra – Spotlight – Burgundy (1554): 36DD

I had heard from another blogger that the ribbon version of the Deco (ribbon decorating top of cups) fit smaller than the non-ribbon version. I can certainly attest to that: the cups were smaller and my breast tissue decided to flow out the sides as I am side heavy. I am also wondering if they changed the shape of the wires: either the depth or the width from the non-ribbon-deco (right above) as they felt different. Either way, this is the same size as the non-ribbon deco above and yet this one fit the worst and the 36DD non-ribbon fit the best. I would certainly recommend going with your normal size in this (for me, that would be 36E).

Freya Deco Bra – Delight – Denim Blue (1561): 36E

This is a really pretty Deco – I love the denim and lace combo – and its fit is akin to the other non-ribbon Freya Deco bras I tried on. My side positioning is better this time so you can see the gaping at the top and how this bra really isn’t doing anything for my breasts. Like the animal print Deco, I would need to size down to a 36DD for this to work for my breasts.

Key point: the ribbon Deco fits about a 1/2 size to a size smaller than the non-ribbon Deco. Take your normal size in the Freya Deco that is decorated with a ribbon and go down a cup size in the regular Deco if you have shallower breasts, or breast that lack top fullness.

I like buying bras in a boutique when I can but I really feel that Les Saisons is gouging customers. Forever Yours Lingerie (also Canadian) sells these same bras – full price – for $79.99. The full price of these bras at Les Saisons was $119.99! They were on sale from $89.99 to $109.99, which is still terribly overpriced. Not only will my budget not stretch that far, I feel sorry for other full-bust women who have to shop in such a boutique. No wonder full bust women often think the only bra options they have cost $100+. Some may say that you are paying for service, but the service here was akin to most the stores in the mall.

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  1. r says:

    Have you ever tried the Parfait Casey/Jeannie? I think theycan be very cleavagy for someone who is shallow on top.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Hi! Thanks for the comment. I have not had much experience with Parfait but I must say, the Casey looks awesome, I might have to try that. Have you seen the new Summer Print they are releasing in November? 🙂


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