1/4″ Strap Saver Review



I recently was rather blessed to win a set of The Strap Savers from Esty Lingerie‘s blog. After trying them out, I personally ordered a second set of strap savers so I could fix a bra whose bondage-style straps were too long. Check out this review of The Strap Saver teamed up with my Playful Promises Rosa Bra.


Quandary: I bought a bra – the Rosa Bra by Playful Promises – which I enjoy so much but it has its difficulties. I am most bothered by the straps. Specifically, the upper set of straps are far too long for my shallow upper bust so they droop. I enjoy wearing the bra but – aesthetically – the straps do take away from its beauty. These drooping straps show above many of my tops so a solution had to be found.

Solution: The Strap Saver is a set of hooks designed to shorten bra straps. You can order them in a multiplicity of sizes, but I requested mine in a size 1/4″ to fit the narrow decorative straps on my Rosa Bra. I also ordered the savers in black so they would blend in: however, I could have ordered them in tan or metallic if I wanted more decoration.

A note for anyone wanting to buy the strap saver: two hooks come in a set. You need one hook per strap if the strap already has an adjuster on it. You need two hooks per strap if there is no adjuster. This is why I ended up ordering a second set of Strap Savers – the Rosa Bra has no adjusters on the bondage straps. I recommend ordering more than one set together as the first set is $15 with additional sets $5 off.

You can see that the image above is the Rosa bra without the strap savers and the two images below are with both strap savers on. I am immensely impressed with the difference The Strap Saver has made on my Playful Promises bra, it looks so much better even with just the top straps tightened. I did find The Strap Saver a bit difficult to get on these straps as they are thicker than your normal bra strap, but I met with success in the end. By the way, don’t try and put the savers on while wearing the bra – it just gets confusing! Ideally, I would need to get two more sets of strap savers – total four sets – to make all the straps fit perfectly.

Therein lies my only problem. The Strap Saver is a great solution for fixing bra straps that are too long, and it is especially affordable for regular bra straps that have sliders. You would only need one set: a $15 fix. However, The Strap Saver is certainly not an ideal option for fixing bondage style bras with no sliders: to fix all four straps I would be looking at $45 USD + shipping for sufficient hardware.

In the end, this is a solution that WORKS, whether your bra has sliders or not. Whether it is cost effective or not, will depend on how many sets you need. As the savers can be moved from bra to bra, you might end up considering them an investment if you have chronic issues with your bra straps being too long.

Have you ever tried The Strap Saver?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Estelle says:

    This bra looks a million times better with the Strap Savers 🙂


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thanks Estelle ❤


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