Menstrual May: Lunapads Selene Lacy Brief Review



The Lunapads Selene brief in 2XL was my second gift from Lunapads Canada. The Selene brief is composed of organic black cotton with a thick lace band at the top to turn these briefs into high-rise briefs.


The Selene is just a wonderful all-around brief that really accommodates curves. The full-coverage bum area actually fits my entire rear (a rare accomplishment) and there is material left for front coverage and thigh coverage as well. These are a brief cut so the leg openings descend down onto the thigh, which is usually a disaster for me. This time the leg-opening area is firm, yet it accommodates my upper-thigh girth.

The brief also features a high-rise waist that rises higher than the Dear Kate Ada. Where the Ada rests below my belly button, the thick lace band on the Selene rises just above my belly button to pretty much my natural waist. I thought the rise would be too high, but I really like it and it looks quite slimming.

With thigh coverage, ass coverage, and a high waistline you may think that this is sort of like a granny panty: but that is not so. The wide lace band keeps the underwear from looking big while the stretch in the lace accommodates different waist measurements. With the waist band, my 34″ waist doesn’t feel like it is swimming in fabric while there is a ton of stretch so those with larger tummies would be easily accommodated. I think the stretch lace band is fantastic for accommodating bloating, which is oh so common during my period.

There is but one fit problem I have with the Selene brief: the gusset (here we go again!). The gusset is 6″ wide at the seam but it ALSO rises higher than the Maia and Ada so it isn’t quite an apt comparison. The smallest bit of the gusset is about 3 1/4″ wide – further evidence that the gusset is better suited to women with medium or medium-wide fem bits. The Selene’s gusset is just too wide for me by a good couple of inches. As one would expect, the fabric bunches up due to the excess of fabric in a limited space.

(-2 points for gusset width causing bunching)



The Lunapads Selene is designed as a backup for other menstrual products or for use on its own during light flow. Like the Dear Kate Ada, I use the Selene brief pre-period for shedding, on the day my period is expected if it has not started yet, and for the later stages of my period when flow is light.

On light days, the Lunapads Selene held up longer than the Dear Kate Ada, though they are both designed for the same general functions. I think the Selene’s leakproof PUL barrier can handle more blood making them a bit more versatile and a bit more dependable for when flow suddenly increases. I don’t know about you, but my body is NOT this constant, regulated machine that pumps out blood at predictable intervals.

The front seam connecting the regular cotton fabric to the reinforced lining comes nearly an inch higher in the front than the Dear Kate Ada and the Lunapads Maia. I am very happy about this, though I could use it a smidgen higher. The seam essentially rests just a couple hairs below the top of my outer lips. Since blood follows the path of least resistance, I still get a bit of overflow at the seam but not nearly as much as with the Ada (with a heavier flow).

The Selene briefs provide a lot of security to back up your other menstrual products and offer good, dependable protection for light days.

(-1 point for bit of lining shortness)


I really like the Selene from the moment I tried them on: it was like the perfect light period panty (except for the gusset width). I will note that the lace on the Lunapads Selene is rougher than on the Dear Kate Ada and the Thinx Hiphugger. However, even with my sensitive skin, this lace doesn’t bother me while wearing. It might also soften up with wear and washing – something I have not been able to test as I have just not owned them long enough. The organic cotton is an absolute dream on the skin: it is soft and breathable.

**The Selene Brief was sent to me free of charge. No review was requested. I am not using affiliate links either.

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