Menstrual May: She Thinx Hiphugger Review



We are into our third week of Menstrual May and I get to introduce the third company I am reviewing: Thinx! She Thinx makes period underwear designed specifically for free bleeding. I purchased a a pair of black Thinx Hiphugger Panties in 3XL, which is designed for 48″ – 49 1/2″ hips. This is the first pair of 3XL underwear I have purchased in my life and – as someone who cares about size charts – I am not too happy about that.


Houston, we have a problem. The Thinx Hiphuggers lack the fabric volume needed to accommodate my shape. I am very ass/thigh heavy with a smaller front V-section. There is simply not enough fabric volume in the back to fit my ass so the demand for added space warps the garment’s fit. The waistband is pulled down: specifically, in the back it takes on a boatneck appearance (like the neckline on a top). The the lace waistband barely covers my ass crack.

This lack of space in the rear changes the way other parts of the hiphugger fit. The underwear fall lower on my body so my tummy constantly threatens to push over the top while I am upright. After wearing for a few hours, the 4.5″ sides have scrunched down into a 1″ fabric bunch at each side of my hips. After removing the underwear, you can see horizontal lines on the sides from the fabric strain. When sitting, my love handles and tummy roll over the top of the underwear while the base of the underwear – what I call bottom bum (it points to the floor) actually sags a bit.

The leg openings in the front are pulled firmly against the skin but I have not noticed any chafing or rub marks as the fabric is soft (thankfully). Hypothetically, if Thinx made a 4xl (which they do not), I could merely size up but I already know that would not work. The waistband is loose on my body as I have a strong taper. These underwear simultaneously feel like they are going to fall down any second and like they are not big enough at the SAME TIME. This is a shape incompatibility. If you carry your weight more evenly over your body, then these might be a good fit for you.

The gusset on the Thinx Hiphugger is actually a good fit. The front seam rises that extra bit higher so it is in line with the top of my outer lips instead of sitting an inch below. Thus, its width is not comparable with the others. The narrowest bit of the gusset comes in around 2.5″ wide, which is closer to the Dear Kate than Lunapads by a smidgen. You can see some creasing as it gets pushed together a tiny bit, but I don’t feel that whatsoever.

(+2 for great gusset fit, +1 for underwear staying up despite fears, +1 for still covering all the important bits)



The Thinx Hiphuggers are designed specifically for free-bleeding on heavy days: they will hold up to two tampons worth of blood. I tested them on my heaviest day – my first day (and night) for a solid 20 hours of my heaviest flow. Let me tell you something about my period: the first two days are like someone murdered someone in my toilet. At the very end of 20 hours continuous wear, there was the tiniest amount of bleed through (about the head of two pencil erasers). Needless to say, I am impressed!

I have NEVER had a pair of period underwear like this last that long – or even close to that long – EVER (excluding the Maia with inserts – different tech). Look, I bleed through Dear Kate’s fully lined Nellie underwear (review to come) in 2 hours. Give me 30 minutes with the mini-lined Ada and it is done for on a heavy day. This pair of underwear just lasted TWENTY FREAKING HOURS and the bleed-through was miniscule compared to the usual big blotchy blood stain I give other period undies. WOOOOHOOO!

Seriously, this is the best performing pair of period underwear I have ever worn. While the Lunapads Maia can handle the same blood amount (and perhaps more), the She Thinx Hiphuggers are doing this without additional liners and without the added bulk of a liner.


The fabric on the Thinx Hiphugger is also soft on the skin, the leg openings are comfortable, and the lace is pretty soft. The materials make for a pleasant wearing experience. The Thinx bottoms feel like a light-control pair of normal underwear for thickness, while still providing stellar blood control.

I love the performance of these underwear but I hate the fit – so what is a girl to do? Because these underwear truly perform, I want to try Thinx again but in a different cut. They only make one style for heavy days: however, the Hi-Waist pair is designed for medium days (1.5 tampon’s worth) and might be the closest I can get to a pair of period panties that both fits well AND works as a pair of free-bleed period panties. If you are interested in the She Thinx Hiphugger Panties, then you can grab a pair for $34 USD. Use THIS LINK to receive $10 off your first order.

**The She Thinx Hiphuggers were purchased by me with my own money. This post contains affiliate links: use my link and get $10 off your order (new customers only) and I get a kickback of $10. It all goes towards my Thinx Hi-Waist fund. 

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