Menstrual May: Lunapads Maia Hipster Review



This week I am reviewing the Lunapads Maia Hipster in Royal Stripe Organic Cotton – size 2XL. Size 2XL is designed for 45.5″ – 49.5″ hips: at 48″ I fall somewhere in the middle. The Maia Hipsters are period underwear of a different sort: they have both a built-in gusset and two built-in straps to hold cotton pad inserts. The 2XL typically comes with one long insert (though Lunapads generously sent two inserts with my pair).


I never thought a hipster style pair of underwear would ever fit me: I was wrong. The Maia Hipster accommodates my large bum and ample thighs without causing any digging in at the leg openings. The non-elasticized leg openings are a revelation in comfort with zero rub or chafing when I walk or sleep.

If you are towards the lower end of the size spectrum, say a 45.5 – 46″ hip, then I would recommend sizing down as these fit generously. On my 48″ hips there is extra room, yet they stay up and in place. This is a great combo that helps when I am super bloated. The material offers good stretch but it does not lose its shape during wear due to the 5% spandex. The spandex/organic cotton mix has all the stretch of a synthetic material yet feels lightweight and, more importantly, breathable. The material is also insanely comfortable on the skin – FYI.

There is but one area where the Maia Hipsters fail my body: the gusset. The gusset measures 5″ at the front seam and nearly 3″ at the narrowest bit of the gusset, which is too wide for my narrow fem bits. If I spread my legs wide, then the gusset lies flat: otherwise it bunches up / folds over on itself. Alone, without the liner, the bunching up is visually noticeable but does not affect comfort.

With a liner attached, the bunching is not only quite visible but it also feels like wearing a thick wad of cotton between your legs because all that fabric is squished together. If you have an aversion to the feel of pads, then this is not the period underwear for you. The Lunapads Maia hipsters are more suited to someone with a medium-wide to wide vulva (outer female bits). Because of the gusset’s incompatibility with my body – I cannot say how these would feel on a wider vulva where the gusset would lie flat.

Due to the gusset and insert bunching up, I don’t feel comfortable wearing these when I am active (walking, biking, cleaning, etc). However, they work very well at night.

(-2 points for gusset width causing bunching, -1 point for bulkiness)



The Lunapads Maia Hipsters are designed for both heavy AND light days. On light days, you simply wear the hipsters without the cotton pad linings. On heavy days, simply insert a cotton liner. The beauty of the Maia underwear is the versatility: a usual pair of period underwear needs to be washed once it comes close to saturation. However, the Maia hipsters allow you to swap out the liners so you can stay protected during your heavy flow – and cleaner too.

The liner inserts provide another function: moveable protection. You can adjust the liner to be moved forward if you bleed higher or moved back farther. This works well for my body as I need the liner farther forward. Like the Dear Kate Ada, the Maia’s built-in protection ends before my outer lips do so I bleed both on the lining and over the lining where there isn’t extra-special fabric for protection (without a liner in). Just so you know, it is harder to get blood out of cotton than it is out of most synthetic fabrics these days. I would like to see the liner extended up a bit more in the front for when I wear these without the inserts.

When I wear the Maia, I feel entirely protected and have yet – even on my heaviest days – to bleed through the liner and underwear. I did 20 hours on one liner and it was still dry on the other side! For serious free bleeding protection – these are your underwear.

(-1 point for built-in lining shortness)


I like the idea of the Maia hipsters and think they have a real place in my period underwear rotation: however, I really wish the gusset was narrower. I know not all women’s bodies are like mine though: some women need narrow gussets and some need wide. The Lunapads Maia Hipster is an excellent pair of period underwear for women who need width.

The Maia is also very budget friendly because of its versatility. It is one pair of underwear that can do the job several pairs. It can be a backup for other menstrual products (when worn without liners) and worn alone on both heavy (with liners) and light (without liners) days. With switchable liners, it can last longer than other pairs of underwear too. The Lunapads Maia Hipster retails for $34.99 CAD in regular cotton and $36.99 CAD in organic cotton with one liner included.

**The Maia Hipster with 2 liners was sent to me free of charge. No review was requested. I am not using affiliate links either.

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