Menstrual May: Dear Kate Ada Brief Mini Review



Welcome to Menstrual May – an entire month devoted to under things for that special time of month: your period! This month is ALL about period underwear and I will be reviewing five different pairs of underwear from three different companies. Each review with have two core components – fit and function – as well as additional thoughts and tidbits of info.

Let’s get this month started with a Dear Kate Ada Brief review. I purchased this brief in peacock with the mini lining in a size XL. Size XL is designed for hips 44″ – 46″, which my hips were at the time of purchase.


The Dear Kate Ada brief fits SO well, even though I have gained a bit of weight. According Dear Kate’s size chart, you can go down a size in mini-lining and up a size in full-lining if you are between sizes. At a near 48″ hip right now, I would fully agree that you can go down in the Ada mini as I should be a 1x but the XL still fits really well.

The Ada brief fits my large ass / large thighs/ small girly area combination. The rear offers full coverage for large bums and adequate fabric distribution in the back so that the leg openings – while having excess fabric that bunches a bit – do not dig into my body. If you also carry most of your weight in your rear or rear/thighs, then the Ada brief is a good choice.

The rise falls just a bit below my belly button, which allows for bloating without my underwear rolling down. The width of the gusset is just right, as Goldilocks would say, and works well for average to narrower in-between bits. At the front seam, the gusset measures 4.5″ from edge to edge and the narrowest part of the gusset measures about 2 1/4″.

My body tapers quite a bit – I go from a 48″ hip to a 34″ waist, yet the Ada remains smooth while skimming over all my natural curves. This is a pair of underwear I could actually wear on a daily basis.

(-1 for excess fabric at thighs)



The Ada briefs by Dear Kate are designed as a backup to your regular tampons or cup. This is a great idea as, if you leak a little, the Ada will certainly protect your clothing. Personally, I free-bleed for most of my period therefore I have an entirely different perspective on the Ada. Let us review a little terminology for a second:

Free-bleeding is bleeding without restriction to the blood flow.

Essentially, it is without the use of tampons, a cup, etc. I don’t free bleed all the time, it’s not like I am religious about it. If I have to go out during the heavier days of my period, then I use the Diva Cup. But if I am at home, then I free-bleed. I will wear the Ada on the day I expect my period to come, any day I am shedding before my period, and on the very very lightest days of my period. For example, my period was nearly two days late this month. I started wearing period underwear the day my period was supposed to come so when it finally arrived, I was protected long enough to notice my period started.

From a functional point of view, the Ada Mini’s use is limited in another way: design. The mini lining doesn’t come up high enough in the front to stop blood leaks. The lining ends about an inch below the upper end of my vagina’s outer lips. When blood flows into the outer lips and comes up, I bleed not only onto the mini liner but over the lip of the mini liner where there is no protection. I would like to see the mini liner come farther up the front of the underwear by about an extra inch or so more.

(-2 points for lining shortness. -1 point for function limited to very light days)


The Dear Kate Ada brief comes in some amazing colours (like peacock, watermelon) and really looks very nice for a pair of period underwear. The mini-lining does reduce the underwear’s function as the Ada mini should not be used for free-bleeding on heavy or medium days. However, they still find a place in my rotation for very light days, shedding days, and ‘where is my period’ days. Of all the period underwear I have tried, these are one of the best looking and have one of the best fits as well. The lace is soft, the fabric is soft, and the briefs are as comfortable as a pair of everyday underwear. If you are interested in a pair, the Ada Brief Mini is currently $2 off – down to $34 USD per pair. Use THIS LINK for an extra $15 off your first order as well!

**These underwear were purchased by me. Only the last link for $15 off is an affiliate link (so I get a kickback too!).

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    I just ordered some. Was googling for reviews. And it’s so refreshing to see them on someone my size, XL. I ordered a few different styles but went with the full coverage. I work as nurse and sometimes running to change tampon isn’t on priority list


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂 I also use the luna cup instead of tampons for various reasons – but one big plus is 12 hours of protection – I have even left it in for 24 hrs when I had to (flights, transit, hotels, etc) and it was marvelous.


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