Money Talk: April Lingerie Haul



My monthly lingerie hauls are a transparency project: they disclose what I bought or was given each month, how much I spent, and why I purchased the items I chose. 

If you missed my March Lingerie Haul, check it out! Here is what I bought/was given in April.


SheThinx HipHugger Undies: $35.51 CAD

Apr 4th

Through a combo of discounts, I managed to pick up a pair of SheThinx HipHugger Undies in 2x this month. They cost $34 + $9 shipping – $10 discount – $5 coupon = $28 USD = $35.51 CAD. I was in desperate need of some period underwear that could actually handle heavy free-bleeding so these were pretty essential. Review coming in May.

Pankhurst Black Lace Caelet & 2x Miss N Curvy Tights: voucher + $11.17 CAD

Kiss Me Deadly
Apr 5th

I entered the “What Makes KMD Special to You” Contest (my entry linked) back in October 2015. I won one of the runner-up gift cards for a wonderful £50 and used it plus an extra $11.17 CAD to purchase three items this month: Pankhurst Black Lace Capelet L/XL, Miss N Curvy Fit Sheer Black Ouvert Tights 2XL, and Miss N Over the Knee Tights 2XL. I was trying to be practical and buy things for future job (tights) and to fill a gap in my wardrobe: what to wear over my corsets. Reviews coming.


1/4″ Black Strap Saver Set (2) : voucher + $15.23 CAD

The Strap Saver
Apr 5th & 27th

I was really lucky to win one of five vouchers for a free set of Strap Savers via Esty Lingerie’s blog. I used that voucher to order a set of 1/4″ strap savers that I hope to use to shorten the upper straps on my Playful Promises Rosa Bra. As I need to use both strap savers on one strap – I subsequently ordered a second set with my own money ($12 USD = $15.23 CAD). I am super excited at the idea of fixing my Rosa bra with this super cool accessory. Review to come. 

Lunapads Selene Brief & Maia Hipster – FREE

Apr 18th

Lunapads reached out to me on Twitter this month. They offered to send a couple pairs of period underwear for me to try out – and of course I said yes! I received the Selene Brief and the Maia Hipster plus extra insert. Reviews are coming in May!

Total: $61.91 CAD

Here is a handy-dandy little currency conversion chart:

$61.91 CAD = £33.83

$61.91 CAD =  43.42

$61.91 CAD =  $49.17 USD

As I mentioned last month, April’s lingerie was primarily funded through some vouchers I saved up. I actually had a budget of $50, which I went over but not excessively. I am really grateful for the vouchers I had to use as this turned into a really exciting month even with a tiny budget. I had some major life expenses this month and, as I am still without a job, most my expenditures are funded via savings and stuff I sell.

Next month – May – is also going to be a really tight month because I am still without work *sigh*  and I have extra expenses – though fun expenses – like birthday gifts for my Dad and my best friend as well as Mother’s Day gifts.

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