Playful Promises Lucy Bra Review


You can easily see I am addicted to the Playful Promises brand by the number of Playful Promises reviews I have written. During their winter sale, I picked up the Playful Promise Lucy Lace Longline Bra in Neon Coral. This colourway is no longer sold unfortunately, but you can pick the same bra up in black.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour. This colour is so fucking awesome I can barely BREATHE when I look at it. I am one of those strangle people who actually like orange, not all oranges, but really beautiful oranges. This neon coral is vibrant, stunning, and so damn hard to photograph! Honestly, I was not sure this bra would work for my boobs but I HAD to buy it. I also picked up the matching XL brief and thong (black versions linked there).

I purchased this bra in a 36E – my standard size. I find the cups actually fit decent and there isn’t any gapping at the top: which is unusual for me with Playful Promises bras as they favour full-on-top breasts. I did find a new fit problem I have never had before: a ridge of fabric sticks out from the middle seam of the bra. I seem to be simultaneously not quite projected enough for this bra while too projected as the gore does not tack (stick to my chest). I doubt a 36DD would fix this problem AS the gore is already not tacking and – as I mention below – the wires aren’t even sitting on my underbust. Maybe I just don’t have enough volume in the right places so fabric bunches up… who knows. Thoughts?

The cup wires are a bit too deep/long (go down too far!) for my breast shape as there is space between them and the root of my breasts. However, the cup shape and stretchy lace material make this almost a non-issue from an aesthetic perspective as there is no cup wrinkling (just space). From a support perspective, I am sure it reduces it a bit. The larger ‘support’ issue is that the wires are not actually touching down on my underbust – they are hovering about a pinky’s width above. This tells me that the bottom of the cup lacks the projection I need. I can tighten the band to reduce this gap but it does not solve the actual problem.

The band is the usual generous Playful Promise band and feels GREAT. This was one of the few bras I could actually wear when I had a lot of back pain. There are two plastic bones – one on each side – to keep the band down. The plastic bones and I have some issues: due to my softness, the bones curve when I am sitting around in the longline bra – they mold to my pudgy roll. Then, when I stand up, the plastic bones keep that curve so only the tops and bottoms of the bones are in contact with my skin. This is irritating as all hell and I am tempted to remove the bones all together. Yet, after washing and laying to dry, the bones flatten out again. I do worry about messing with the integrity of the Lucy bra so if you have ever removed side-bones on a longline, let me know how it went.

I did buy the matching Lucy Lace thong and brief – sort of a Hail Mary pass if you must know – and they probably fit true to size, which is certainly not my size. A lot of Playful Promises underwear have extra stretch like the Portia and the Mia Kimono but I cannot weasel my butt into the Lucy briefs or thong at my current size. This is why I am TOTALLY STOKED that Playful Promises is releasing a plus-size line in June. While I do not fit plus-size bras, I will be able to buy plus-size underwear and I hope – in the future – to buy a matching core/full-bust bra and with plus-size underwear.

Overall, the Lucy longline is a comfortable bra with a few annoying issues in the most AMAZING colour ever made with unwearable matching underwear. If you have more full-on-top breasts with not much underbust fat, then this might be the perfect bra for you.

** All items purchased with my own $$. No affiliate links either.

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