Knixwear Evolution Bra Review – As Seen on Kickstarter / Indigogo!


I was one of the early backers for the Evolution bra by Knixwear on Kickstarter. If you were not aware, the Evolution Bra is Kickstarter’s most funded fashion project and most certainly most funded lingerie campaign as well. Due to the sheer volume of ‘orders’, delivery time was pushed from November 2015 to March 2016. I would have received my size 7 bra even later as it was part of the extended size range, but I changed my order to a size 5 in black/pastel pattern (yes, they have a unique sizing chart). By the way: my bra is NOT black/pastel pattern as advertised on Kickstarter, but rather a beige/pastel pattern.

Knixwear’s support staff did advise the size 7, but I rebelled and went with a size 5 to be on the ‘safe’ side. I am sort of between a 36DD and a 36E right now so I chose to sizing down as I am tired of bras gaping. I would rather quadra-boob a bit out the top than have it gaping – personal preference.

  • The size 7 is designed for: 36E, 36F, 38E, 38F
  • The size 5 is designed for: 36D, 36DD, 38D, 38DD

Overall, I am pretty happy with the size 5. The Evolution bra pulls my boobs more towards the centre of my body and lifts them off my chest. Despite it being a tad small, the bra is quite comfortable and I don’t ‘feel’ the fit problems. The top of the Knixwear bra squishes some of my upper breast forcing tissue up/out and to the side under the arm pits. I would say this is not particularly full-on-top friendly if your breast tissue goes up high on your body as I am shallow on top, yet still the bra flattens out the upper part of my chest.

I’m not sure if it is cause of the size down or the style but the bra offers some compression, where my breasts are pulled against my chest. They are held securely and separately in the Evolution bra despite no underwire (check out the funky technology) and the band stays firmly in contact with my underbust though the sides role up a bit due to pudge. The cups aren’t quite projected enough at the bottom so I get a bit of wrinkling but, overall, the shape is quite mailable to my own breasts and I hear it gets better the more you wear it.

I would LOVE to compare the size 5 and size 7 Knixwear Evolution bras together for fit notes but so far I am happy with my decision despite those few fit issues. I wear a 36″ band (though I measure a bit more than that right now) and the band on the 5 is perfect on the middle set of eyes. The band is so comfortable it seems like a crime… why aren’t ALL bras this darn comfy?

There are so many things I just love about this bra. There are next to no seams, which is awesome for really sensitive skin. The single layer of fabric – in the unlined version – is incredibly cool: there are no stitches anywhere on the bra except for where the bra straps hook into the bra and for the back connection. Less seams = less irritation.

Let us talk straps: THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO STRAPS PEOPLE!!! The straps are placed farther in so they NEVER MOVE. NEVER SLIP. Feel INSANELY COMFORTABLE. Like, these straps are soooooo perfect! They are also super comfortable, as the underside of the strap is softer than the satin top bit. You also get two sets (different colours)!

As I mentioned, this bra is seamless to a point. At the straps, there are the sewn loops. The bra is supposedly reversible but the straps are stitched raw and that is quite visible when I wear the beige side out. The brand and measurement info is also printed onto that side of the bra, but isn’t as visible as I would have thought when wearing the bra reversed. it also appears to be rubbing off after only one wash – so expect all info on size, wash instructions, and brand to be gone within a month.

The Evolution bra is versatile given you can wear it inside out, the straps are multi-directional, and you can mix and match straps if you want.

Lets talk about limitations and uses. This is not a bra that you want for high-intensity sports. It is not a traditional sports bra. It is not going to stop your breasts from bouncing. It is not a particularly sexy bra. It is not a bra to give great lift or shape to your boobs <– which may be a deal-breaker for some people. I was a bit disappointed that the Evolution bra didn’t compensate more for my natural shape… but such is the design.

However, this is a sweet everyday bra for low impact sports, for sleeping in, for hanging around the house, for running to the grocery store, and more. The bra looks more like a crop cami so you could even get away with wearing it without a top. It is also a great androgynous bra option.

Personally, I like to wear the Evolution bra when I cycle on my stationary bike as it prevents boob-rub and reduces boob-sweat. I enjoy lounging around the house and doing shit like unpacking or lifting weights or cleaning my room while wearing the bra. Quite simply, the Knixwear Evolution bra keeps my breasts separated, in place, and off my skin. In addition, the bra is quite COMFORTABLE – and I can forget that I am wearing it.

I have to mention a few hopes and dreams. I hope Knixwear lists the Evolution bra for sale on their own website soon instead of on demand through Indigogo. Moreover, I really want them to make this bra in a swimsuit fabric: This would be a perfect swimsuit top for lane swimming as it pulls my breasts towards the center of my body AND the straps are placed in far enough they would not interfere with shoulder rotation. I would try mine out in the pool but I worry about the chlorine damaging a non-swim fabric. If anyone from Knixwear is reading this… please Please PLEASE make this in a swim fabric.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of update last week! I seriously injured my back (bruises!) and could barely waddle so taking pictures was out of the question!

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  1. THESE BRAS DON’T FIT MANY WOMEN. Check the comments on the Kickstarter campaign. Uniboob, spillage, bands that are way too tight, weird cheapo padding — you name it. And they are out of stock in most sizes, so you can’t get an exchange until the fall (it’s June). Save your money and buy a bra from a company that “supports” their customers!


    1. Avigayil says:

      Hi Lyssa, thank you for your comment. I would indeed say that the majority of the issues you mentioned are fit issues. For uniboob, women should try a larger cup size. For spillage, a larger cup size OR a smaller band size may be needed. For example, if boobs are spilling out the bottom, your band is too loose. If, once adjusted so all the breast tissue is inside the cup and there is spillage elsewhere, then a cup size up is necessary. If a band is too tight, then one would need a different size. Most of these issues you present – excluding the padding issue – are just fit issues that one could encounter with any bra – I have had the joy of most of those issues (except for the uniboob, my boobs are far too east-west about life).
      As for the padding, I only got the unpadded one so I can hardly comment, though I am saddened by the thought. I do agree that this bra is not for every woman – no bra is! However, it would be super nice if they had stock so women could exchange for their right size before making a final decision on whether or not this bra is for them. I really hope you get yours in a proper size soon! ❤ ❤


      1. thanks – I really really wanted to love this bra because it is such a great idea. But it was not the right cut for me.


      2. Cristina says:

        heyo, question .. did your bra stretch a lot at all ? I just got size 7 but i clearly should have bought a 6. If it stays like this , it will be perfect, but if it stretches, well… not sure what to do . Thank you


      3. Avigayil says:

        I have not had issues with stretching, but I also wash frequently and don’t wear it for several days in a row either.


    2. Ardelle says:

      I don’t know how to get resolve on this product. My bra didn’t fit either but they didn’t credit me enough to purchase a new one. Feeling ripped


      1. Avigayil says:

        Hi Ardelle,
        I would contact customer service regarding your concerns after reading up on the return policy. Knowledge is power! I know that they have different return policies for sale items versus items at regular price. be sure to read up and then contact Knixwear to sort everything out. 🙂


  2. MG says:

    I made a purchase on October 30 and they said the items wouldn’t be shipped until November 16. Minutes after hitting the purchase button, I emailed the company twice to cancel. I get no response until November 1…ironically AFTER I get a shipping confirmation from them. They say it can’t cancel because it’s been sent and they can’t contact the warehouse to do anything. I email again and they essentially say too bad so sad. I contact my credit card company to issue a dispute and the credit card agent says unscrupulous companies do this.

    So, I still get emails from Knixwear saying so sorry, they can’t cancel..mind you, it’s November 2 and the items haven’t been sent…USPS only shows a shipping label has been created….NOT SENT.

    So now I have to go through a return to sender and the account dispute…

    I find this company lacking scruples…hoping if the overpriced items are sent I will just keep them.

    Not cool, Knixwear. Not cool.

    Maybe the people who work there are nice but their customer service is set up for failure if they cannot connect with their warehouse.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Hm, I have not personally had this issue but then again – I have never cancelled an order before. Sorry to hear this is happening to you!


    2. Robin Jane says:

      Thank you MG. I will not order. You saved me a lot of grief. I have experienced sellers that do this and I’m glad to know before hand who is trustworthy and who is not. Sorry that you experienced this disrespect. Best Regards, Robin


    3. Avigayil says:

      Hey MG, I did some followup research on this and I found this in their FAQ.
      It essentially says “Once your order is placed, we can’t make any changes as it’s already with our warehouse. It’s a gift and a curse, as this is what allows us our fast delivery times! If once your order is delivered you still do not want the bra, please get back in touch with us and we can issue an exchange/return. Please note underwear and accessories are final sale.”
      I ended up doing further research because I ran into another company that has the exact same policy. It seems this policy is common for small brands who are big enough to work with a warehouse but still fairly small. Smaller brands do not have the same capital or buying power as larger brands so policies for them will be different than, say Victoria Secret. I highly recommend reading the FAQ and policies before placing an order to avoid frustration! Knowledge is power! ❤


  3. Dani says:

    Does your referral link still work?


    1. Avigayil says:

      It should still be working! 🙂


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