Bluebella Asteria Bra & Brief Review



I fell head-over-fucking-heels when I first set eyes on the Bluebella Asteria set. Like, OH MY UNICORN!! LOVE!! The design is entirely unique: the straps diverge into four straps per shoulder and create a gorgeous wing-like pattern on the upper-back shoulders. The matching underwear feature sheer panels of mesh front and back joined by four straps on each side. The Asteria set was all my little strappy dreams come true – in a full bust bra too!

Best of all, the bra shape looked incredibly promising based on my knowledge of my breasts. With my hopes soaring high, I placed my order for a 36DD (based on Two Cakes on A Plate’s fit advice) and a size 16UK briefs, which is the largest size they make in this style. Shipping is FREE worldwide on orders of £40 or more and they delivered in remarkable time: approximately one week.

The Asteria bra and my body were just meant to be. The bra fits my breasts beautifully with plenty of immediate projection and a nice rounded profile.  It looks fabulous under shirts – especially those with low backs! Even with a size 36DD, there is still a bit of upper-cup wrinkling due to shallow upper breast. Note: this happens on ALL my unlined bras. The wires are a great match for my breast roots both in width and in depth. This is one of the few bras where the wires are actually up against my breast roots – all due to the bra shape allowing for immediate projection.

Depending on your breast fullness (I am shallow) you may or may not want to size down in the cup as I have. Some reviewers have said the cups run a bit big and others say they are on par. I would say the bra runs a half-cup small so sizing would depend on if you are on the smaller or larger end of your cup size.

For those who are so over having bows on bras, the MORE Asteria Bra features a gold coloured ring on the gore that matches the back hardware. This is a really sweet treat and I would love to see more companies use accents besides bows. There is one small quirk I wanted to mention: the one bra wire and channel comes up higher on the gore than the other. The difference is minimal but for a symmetrical nut like me, it is noticeable. I assume this is pretty rare and just affects my bra in particular.

While others may disagree, the Bluebella Asteria IS a fabulous everyday bra. It is SO comfortable and the materials have not bothered me one bit. Do you want to know just how comfortable this bra is? I fell asleep in it. Then I woke up and wore the bra for another couple of hours. The mesh is soft and the band is just right for me (so maybe a little loose for some people).

The four straps on the back are partially adjustable; however, they are too short! I wear all the straps as long as possible and the inner two straps still pull down (and tip out) the upper connector strap at the back. However, the straps are fairly comfortable when I wear them fully extended – so the bra is a keeper!

The wings bit of the bra back connects together in one of the most awkward places to reach. I manage to fasten them while the bra is on; however, it is easier to do up before and then slip the bra down over your head.

The More Asteria Strappy Brief matches the bra beautifully and the size 16UK fits my body not bad, which is quite remarkable given that they are probably a size or two smaller than I should be wearing. The mesh and the straps have plenty of stretch. You do see that these are too small given how the mesh scallops at the edge due to the tension on the  elastics. Even so, these underwear are delectably comfortable. The rise is fantastic as it does not roll down under my tummy pouch. Due note that the elastics will rearrange themselves around pudgy love-handles throughout the day.

FYI: there is a matching suspender – but I have recently discovered that I hate wearing traditional stockings with garter belts so I forwent the suspender.

Overall, I am extraordinarily pleased with my purchased and consider Bluebella a revelation in comfort, fit, and aesthetic. It may just become my favourite bra! Not since the Claudette Dessous have I found a bra that fits my breasts this well. I look forward to trying this brand again in – hopefully – the near future

Oh yeah, I know I have pudge overflow on the back of my bra band. That is not because the band is too small, but rather because I have a lot of softness that gets rearranged when my bra anchors itself to my body. And, even if I was wearing a band too small, that would be my choice and a completely valid choice it would be. 

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