Money Talk: March Lingerie Haul & Hosting Renewal Fees



My monthly lingerie hauls are a transparency project: they disclose what I bought or was given each month, how much I spent, and why I purchased the items I chose. 

If you missed my February Lingerie Haul, check it out! Here is what I bought/was given in March.

Bluebella Asteria Set (black) – $81.84 CAD

Mar 1st

I had been drooling over this set since it was released so I budgeted for it to be my big purchase of March. The bra costs £36 and the matching briefs cost £18 so my total was = £54 – 20% off (coupon) = £43.20 = $81.84 CAD. I am THRILLED that this set was so affordable as it is a total dream. Review coming soon.

Glamory Hosiery 4x Thigh Highs & 2x Tights – FREE

Glamory Hosiery
Mar 3rd

Tim from Glamory Hosiery sent me the 50111 Deluxe 20, the 50352 Mesh, the 50129 Overt 20, and the 50123 Satin Matte 20 hosiery for review on my blog.  I received these free in exchange for a review – all opinions are my own of course. I split the review into two parts: thigh high stockings and tights. Short and dirty summary: nice quality, lovely designs, only two fit, and two are too small. Tim then quite generously sent me a replacement for the mesh thigh highs in a size larger and sent a bonus pair of thigh highs as a gift without request for a review. I like to pass on the free love so I have sent off the original 50352 Mesh thigh-highs that were too small to another curvy lingerie blogger.


Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Top (black geo print) – $30.52 CAD

Large Cup Lingerie
Mar 8th

I got incredibly lucky when I was browsing the Large Cup Lingerie sale section! This Panache Sport Underwired Top was on sale from £40 down to £16 = $30.52 CAD with free shipping. They had only three sizes left in stock with one of them being a 36E – my size! Score!  I had worn out my last sports bra months ago so this was a very good find. UPDATE: Just received this top and it does NOT fit. Will be looking to resell or return (need to check the return policy as I bought it on sale).


Boodywear Classic Bikini – gift card

Mar 10th

This month I received a gift card from SocialNature, as part of their natural sample & review program, for my local organic store Pomme Natural Market. I picked up a pair of Boodywear organic bamboo underwear as I was pretty shocked to see undies at the store and just HAD to try them


Custom Full-Bust Lingerie Set – FREE

La Girafe Bleue
Mar 16th

In January, the owner of La Girafe Bleue and I had been correspondence over design changes to her soft cup bras in order to make them full-bust friendly after this review. We had talked about elastic placement, wider straps, and band firmness. Surprise surprise – in March I unexpectedly received a full set to fit test and give feedback/suggestions. Thank you!

Total: $112.36 CAD

Here is a handy-dandy little currency conversion chart:

$112.36 CAD = 59.87 GBP

$112.36 CAD = 84.63 USD

$112.36 CAD = 75.80 EUR

This was a rather unusual month as I received several items in exchange for reviews, which does not happen too often. For that, I am grateful. I moved cities yesterday and I am planning on buying a mattress in April, thus April’s lingerie will be primarily funded through some vouchers I have saved up.

Hosting & Domain Renewal

Last month, I mentioned that my blogging costs have gone way up due to my hosting/domain billing in USD and the CAD has lost so much value against the US currency. I had a talk with my domain company this month – and they gave me a discount on my web hosting: just over 50% off the hosting fee itself. Then there are the privacy fees and the domain renewal fees to pay as well. Here is what I just shelled out to keep this blog alive for another couple years:

Two-year web hosting: $120.60 CAD

Two-year domain renewal & privacy: $54.88 CAD

Total: $175.48 CAD

That is for two years so it works out to $87.74 CAD per year thanks to the generosity of the customer service at It isn’t that much per month (about $7.31 CAD) but when you have to pay it all in one go like I did this March, it hurts.

Now, I have the very basic hosting package possible – nothing fancy. I really want to add WP Essentials to my blog but it would be another $48 CAD per year on top of what I am already paying. So if we get down to it: my monthly expenses in March for my blog & lingerie to review for the blog was just under $300.

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  1. When it comes to women. Whatever item it maybe. Really, will be a budget cutter. Talk about looking good and feeling comfortable. Is not Cheap.. Confidence is not just in the mind. It needs a physical touch.. and we all know. It’s what we wear.. Inside or outside. And about hosting and renewal fees dear. You have women out there that is grateful for what you are doing. It’s something worth of our time and our wallets..


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