Foxers Lace Boxers Review


Identity and style are not inherent in cloth: you reaffirm your identity and express your style through lingerie. Therefore, a piece of lingerie considered androgynous can still be part of someone’s decidedly non-androgynous style. That person is still authenticity them when they wear the same lingerie as you do to express the authentic you.

Foxers Lace Boxers are designed to be androgynous: wherein traditionally feminine materials (lace) are mixed with traditionally male silhouettes (boxers, wide band) to create a gender-blending design. For me, the boxers appealed on two levels: the level of comfort with their boxer style with wide waistband and the level of beauty as I just love black lace. I do not identify as androgynous thus these lace boxers are not androgynous for me: rather I express my multifaceted feminine identity through them.

I purchased my Foxers Black Lace Boxers via Bluestocking’s Boutique in size XXL. The XXL Foxers are ample for my body even though my hips are over their suggested size (44-46″ chart, I am 48″). Seriously, these babies have stretch!

The first thing I noticed was the texture of the lace: so unbelievably soft that I keep touching myself (hehe) because it’s like touching velveted butter. The lace is also styled so that the lace panels overlay where most people want a little extra coverage. While the lace is sheer, the two panels of lace converging around my lower fem bits make these boxers photogenic without wearing an extra pair of underwear underneath.

The wide waistband is stiff but also comfortable as it stays up, doesn’t fold over, and never digs in. It almost feels like a really thick elasticised ribbon. I sleep in the Foxers boxers because they are so comfy: EXCEPT when I try to do housework or go out for walks or try to do any form of active movement. Then I get a lace wedgie and end up sticking my hands under my skirt/dress to drag bunched up fabric out of my ass. O.o Essentially: these are great sleep boxers and lounge boxers but not everyday activity boxers.

There is another good reason not to wear them as everyday boxers: durability. Even within the first few hours of wearing, I started getting little loose threads sticking out (see below pic) or what looked like small bits of thread coming out of the lace. They are almost like pulls but I wasn’t near anything that could cause the lace damage. I have been trimming the threads off as they pop up (as they look weird and I can be a bit anal). Unfortunately, I worry about the long-term longevity of these boxers.

Overall, the black lace boxers by Foxers are enjoyable, and I deliberately seek them out from among my other lounging underwear. I throw them on in the evening while watching Pink Panther, Scooby-Doo, and The Harlem Globetrotters retro cartoons. Then, I wear the Foxers to sleep and strip them off the next morning. They are a nice addition to my weekly lingerie rotation but I do hesitate to purchase another pair until I know the lifespan of my current ones.

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