Playful Promises Rosa Bra Review


Playful Promises really innovated with their new Rosa Barely There Bra in DD – G cups: a full-bust quarter-cup bra with lace and strap details. This is a bondage inspired bra that oozes sex appeal for full bust women (in my opinion)! This was also a dream bra of mine: since the second I saw the pre-release images of this bra, I knew I just HAD to have it. Unfortunately, the matching strappy briefs sold out super fast so I I decided to forgo matching bottoms.

I originally ordered this bra in a size 36E but I had to return it and size down to a 36DD. Here is a mini review of the Playful Promises Rosa 36E with basic pictures and a fuller review of the Rosa 36DD.


I cried the night I put tried the Rosa on: I felt that I looked terrible and that made me feel terrible. The bra reminded me that my breasts are odd, unusual, and insufficient leading into a dark, body-hate rabbit hole where I spent most the night. Sometimes lingerie can do this to you – and that’s okay.

The fit is simply bad: my breasts are lost in the bra. I am bottom/side heavy and my breasts barely even crested the top of the cup, not to mention do anything with the lace. Breasts on a shelf anyone? This is supposed to be a quarter-cup bra and ALL my breast tissue fits in that quarter-cup. Evidently my breasts are only one quarter of what they should be. I am also shallow on top, thus the non-adjustable straps were a complete nightmare. There was no question of keeping: I returned the next day.

Excuse the bad photos: these were taken on my cell phone on the night I got the bra: by the bathroom lights. O.o


I exchanged the 36E (my most common size) for a 36DD as I truly love this bra -on the model- and was desperate to make it fit. Happily, the 36DD Rosa bra’s smaller cup redistributes my breast tissue to give a more rounded top, which brings my breasts above the cup line. In turn, this upper breast tissue now gives the straps something to actually drape over. The bottom set of straps is now a good fit while the upper set of straps are still loose – they sag – but are substantially better than the 36E Rosa. Currently, I am looking into strap adjusters that can be attached without altering the bra.

Speaking of straps… the shoulder straps are too generous and I have to close them ALL the way. I have a very broad back so this is an unusual issue (ComicsGirlsNeedBras also mentions it). Should the shoulder straps stretch out, I will not be able to tighten any further.

Aesthetically, Rosa now reminds me why I loved her in the first place… fuck she is gorgeous. The thick lace trim oozes Gothic Lolita style and charm. I love how the lace acts as a safety net by protecting my nipples from popping out. The lace on the bottom of the band is just lovely and such a rare feature. I was shocked at how wide the lace is on the Rosa bra as often you find tiny lace trims – rarely anything of substance.

Black, excessive lace, and bondage type straps come together to create the most decadent of bras. Best of all, my breasts actually look hot! The Rosa bra gives really great lift as well and with the narrower wires, really pulls my breasts front and center. The band fits true-to-PP size in that I take my normal 36″ band and it doesn’t squeeze me to death (like my Freya). However, comfort is only so-so: I find the band quite irritating even after washing the bra.

Let’s talk about cup shape! The Rosa cup design is almost like a sling or like a cone cut in half. It offers oodles of projection at the apex but it is quite shallow at the base of the cup. This is NOT compatible with my breast shape whatsoever. Due to this design, my breast tissue and thus breast weight is shifted up towards the apex of the bra. My breasts also fold over onto themselves a bit as my breasts are being forced out of their natural alignment. No, this bra does not work with my breast shape… and there are consequences. The weight and volume of my breasts naturally sits quite low, so this shift puts additional weight on the bra cups to where they start to collapse.

You heard right, collapse. As my breast weight is pulled in and pushed up, the inner portion of the cups that connect to the gore and the bottom of the cups are capsizing under the weight. Capsizing is not very descriptive so here is the problem: the top of the inner cup turns out and the cup wrinkles and folds onto itself across the bottom of the cup as the fabric is pushed down under the weight of my breasts (see pictures). As such, I am most concerned about the integrity of Rosa bra over time: this may be a full-busted bra but I don’t think it can handle the weight of full-busted breasts. This phenomenon is not just isolated to me or my bra: ComicsGirlsNeedBras had the same problem as you can easily see from the first photo in her Rosa bra review. The cup near the gore is capsizing and she only wore it once! For me, the cup is capsizing all around the bottom of the bra.

Despite fit and integrity issues with the Rosa bra, I am quite thrilled that such a bra design is available for full-bust women. In the event that Playful Promises releases this bra again, I made a wish list of changes I would like to see.

  • adjusters on the straps
  • shorter shoulder straps
  • more immediate projection in cup
  • shorter cup (this quarter-cup fits more like a half-cup)
  • dark green velvet

That last point is merely a note that this bra would be TO DIE FOR if it was made in green velvet. *swoon*

Due to aesthetic, I am glad this bra is part of my collection. However, this is more of a bra for all-over fullness or FOT breasts. I would not recommend this bra for any other shape – even sizing down – because of the capsizing cup issue. For me, this is a bra where I have most certainly sacrificed fit and durability for aesthetic.

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