Glamory Hosiery Tights Review


As I mentioned last week, Glamory Hosiery sent a generous package of hosiery to me for review. I reviewed the thigh high stockings last week and this week I am reviewing the two pairs of tights: the 50129 Ouvert/Open 20 and the 50123 Satin Matte 20.

50123 Satin Matte 20 – Black (XL: 48-50)

The satin matte 20 tights are a great basic pair of plus-size tights. I was merely looking for something to cover not to control my body so these tights with a reinforced toe but without control-top are ideal. I am the queen of ragged nails, hang nails, and accidents so these tights already have a couple scars but they have not ‘laddered’ like other tights of mine have.  Unfortunately, 20 denier tights are never very durable.

This style of Glamory tights has a built-in ‘short’ that is a different weave from the rest of the tights. It is quite accommodating but the larger weave makes me a bit nervous about tearing at the seams. They don’t have the awesome T-reinforcement system the open pair (below) has, which I am quite fond of.

The fit is spot on: the satin matte 20 tights hug my entire body without making me feel like various bits of me are being strangled or shoved into sausage casing.  Very accommodating in the thigh and the ass, the 50123 style is perfect for women who carry a lot of weight on their lower body.

The waistband is the most comfortable I have EVER had on a pair of tights.  Unlike other tights (which attempt to cut me in half), the band is pretty smooth underneath clothing and could be worn without additional ‘smoothing’ undergarments. I also like that the band is thicker and wider than other tights as it rests better on my body and doesn’t role down.

I am really not sure what more I can say than they fit, look good, feel good, and will fill an essential role in my wardrobe. The matte finish is great for multi-tasking: I will wear these both for nights on the town and for interviews as I apply for work.

50129 Ouvert 20 – Make Up (XL: 48-50)

These have had a name change: they are now called 50129 Open 20 – beige

The thought of ouvert tights just thrills me in SO many ways.  I like the idea of my femme bits being able to BREATHE when they are all sensitive and such. I like the ease of access during my time of the month if I need to change my menstrual cup (would work for tampons too). That ease of access is also perfect for other things: like yummy sexual encounters.  Just wear your underwear over your tights, wear ouvert undies, or wear no underwear at all.

Like the Satin Matte, I spent some time pulling and tugging at these ouvert tights (even more so as the fit was off) and they held up with only minor blemishes. The open tights feature an awesome reinforcement system at stress zones: the seams on the front, the back, and the waist. I have no fear of the seams splitting open because this reinforcement is sturdy! Personally, I think ALL tights should feature this T-system as it would vastly improve the life of hosiery.

Originally paranoid that the crotchless bit would be prone to ripping, I was pleasantly surprised that the crotchless bit is reinforced as well to prevent such an occurrence. The crotch is always a high-stress zone on any tights so I was delighted to see the care put into this design.

Unfortunately, these are about a size too small for me at this weight (one size up would be perfect) . The lack of adequate volume is expressed through hight: I cannot get the crotch (or crotchless bit) up to my own bits even though I am 5’3. I really wish this brand was more consistent across their sizing OR that they would give fit suggestions on their website if they know that a certain style fits small. Currently, my successful fit ratio is 50/50 across four styles in a single size. I expect a higher success ratio within a single size in a single brand.

My only other quibble is the lack of back/front indicator on these tights (the satin matte has it). Usually, there is a bright thread – often red or yellow – used to indicate, but I could not find such a thing on these. Perhaps they are made to go on either way?

I have never seen quality ouvert hosiery before and I have to say – what a BRILLIANT idea. I also commend Glamory Hosiery for not using the word ‘nude’ to describe colour as is so often seen in hosiery. The hosiery I received were called ‘make up’ and that has since been changed to beige on their website.

Sadly, you cannot procure either of these tights from a Canadian retailer my fellow Canadians. Forever Yours Lingerie does not stock either of these tights and the listings on are now gone (leaving 404 pages). You will have to shop either US suppliers or even buy from overseas. You can find a stocklist on Glamory Hosiery’s website, though this list is certainly not complete. For instance, I found some styles on with $2 USD shipping to Canada. You can buy the open here and other styles here. Of course, they are priced in USD but at least they ship to Canada! I hope more Canadian stores start carrying Glamory Hosiery as this brand is a gem for plus-size girls needing hosiery.

Disclosure: I received these items free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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