Money Talk: My February Lingerie Haul


There is a call out for more transparency from bloggers. I recently read a most excellent article called Let’s talk about money, honey: lingerie retail therapy by The Holy Brail wherein she says:

“It’s hard to see fellow bloggers – and other fashion/lifestyle bloggers – posting their newest acquisition, their shopping hauls, while holding myself to much stricter limits than they seem to have. […] Maybe they work full time, maybe they have a rich partner or parents, maybe most of what they review is free PR samples, maybe they are just ordering things to post before returning, maybe they don’t actually buy that much and saved and budgeted, maybe they are deep in debt.”

I have experienced this myself: the difficulty of watching others constantly posting new reviews with a seemingly endless budget. Furthermore, I think it is important to support lingerie bloggers of all means: reviews should not be the exclusive domain of the wealthy (or thin, white, pretty women – though their input is also important). This post is my contribution to transparency AND representation. My monthly lingerie hauls and their associated costs will become a series on my blog as a way of lifting the veil on what I buy, where I buy, what I receive for free, and what is given to me by friends/family. Without further ado, here is what I bought/was given in February.


Freya Marvel Bra 36E (beige) – $25.27 CAD

Belle Lingerie
Feb 14th

In January, I tried to sister size to 38DD in the beige Freya Marvel but the fit was really off. Thus, I resold that bra at a small loss (kept the briefs) and repurchased my usual size on eBay (the Marvel is no longer made). Like the Claudette Dessous, the Freya Marvel is becoming a go-to daily bra for me. I probably will not be reviewing this (unless there are substantial differences) as I already reviewed the glacier white Freya Marvel in the same size.


Freya Marvel Briefs sz 16 (glacier) – $17.39 CAD

Feb 15th

I reviewed the Freya Marvel Bra (Glacier) back in January and loved the shape. I really like matching sets so I managed to score a pair of matching glacier briefs via eBay. I will not be reviewing these as they are no longer in production. They are rather comfy but I wish they made one size larger to better accommodate my ass.


Foxers Lace Boxers XXL (black) – $50.89 CAD

Bluestockings Boutique
Feb 18th

The majority of my lingerie budget this month went towards a pair of Foxers. Bluestockings Boutique had a 20% off coupon code so my total was $35 – $7 + $9 shipping = $37 USD = $50.89 CAD. I am delighted to support Bluestockings (love this boutique so much) and while I cannot afford to buy at full price right now, I hope to in the future. The crash of the CAD dollar has not been helpful. Will review!

Dottie’s Delights Sleepwalk peignoir dressing robe (lilac) – $13.84 CAD (+ credit)

Esty Lingerie
Feb 19th

I write guest lingerie articles for Esty Lingerie, for which I get paid in store credit. I saved up 4 1/2 months of credit from my articles to pay for the robe itself (89.99 GBP = $171 CAD approx.). The extra money I spent ($13.84) was for shipping costs and some really pretty packaging as this robe is such a treat. Will review!

Total: $107.39 CAD

Here is a handy-dandy little currency conversion chart:

$107.39 CAD = 56.48 GBP

$107.39 CAD = $80.21 USD

$107.39 CAD = 72.90 EUR

Currently, I am out of work. Therefore, I am primarily generating income by selling underutilized items I own including clothing, shoes, lingerie, art, and more. I do have have a small nest-egg of savings to fall back onto and I will probably tap into it in April when my blog domain and hosting comes due. With the drop of the CA dollar against the US dollar, my yearly costs to maintain my blog have gone up by over 30%. I might speak more on that next month.

P.S. As a monthly feature, I hope to get this out on the 1st or 2nd of the following month. I was foolishly waiting for all these items to actually arrive and am still waiting.

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