Glamory Hosiery Plus-Size Thigh High Stockings Review


Tim at Glamory Hosiery generously offered to send me some plus-size hosiery to review – how could I say no? (Tim and I actually ‘met’ via one of Jeanna from Bluestocking Boutique‘s excellent Periscope sessions). Honestly, I am beside myself with delight as I carry a lot of my weight below the waist and it difficult to find quality, well-fitting hosiery for plus-size me. Today I am reviewing two pairs of thigh high hold up stockings. Thanks Tim!

Let us start off with a few of my measurements: my thighs measure 28 to 29″ each at their thickest and my low hip/ass measurement is currently 48″. Due to my weight primarily accumulating in my lower region, we decided the XL: 48-50 size would be best (it should accommodate up to 250 lbs at my height and I am still under 200). See the size chart here.

So, how did I fair?

50111 Deluxe 20 – Bi-color Black & Red (XL: 48-50)

Angels cried tears of fucking joy when I put these stockings on – or at least I did! For my lifetime I have had a hate – hate relationship with my thighs yet these thigh highs are PERFECTION. Like… fuck!!!! *joyful sob* It is hard to put into words a purely emotional reaction but I swear I was radiating moonbeams when I saw my thighs in these.

My legs are no longer sausages squeezed into casing! These hold-up stockings glide smoothly over my thick calves and up my sizeable thighs to rest high on my leg without ‘muffin-topping’. I like to wear these fairly high on my legs as they ‘tuck in’ my thighs and prevent chub rub. I am also fairly short: just over 5.3″. On most women they will be a little lower than what you see in my pictures.

The thick lace band is both beautiful and functional: it keeps the thigh highs in place and the two silicone strips underneath ensure security. This band makes these stockings extra special: the embroidery is beautiful, the material is soft, and the colour contrast between the red and the black is visually striking.

The test: I wore these hold-up stockings out and about for three hours while loading moving boxes into the back of my car, grocery shopping, and having lunch. They held up admirably while I was out: in fact I ended up fiddling with them merely out of worry than any actual need to readjust. There was some movement – primarily they moved a tad lower in the back – but overall the movement was minimal and I came home with the stockings pretty much where I had placed them. I felt super sexy and confident when I wore these out and – best of all – I could go to the toilet in peace.

Once in a while the band will roll onto itself a wee bit: if I were to lie down (I have very soft thighs so major weight shift there) or cross my legs. These instances are minor and I expect all hold ups would do that on my upside-down squishy pyramid legs.

Overall, I am extraordinarily pleased – I totally need these in every single colour now. Down with garters! Up with hold-ups! WOO!

50352 Glamory Mesh Fishnet Thigh Highs (XL: 48-50)

The Glamory Mesh Fishnet thigh high stockings are a tribute to my inner metal goth girl. The mesh itself is good quality and quite strong: I have accidentally pulled up on the tights from the mesh (couple times times) with no damage.

The band is much shorter than the Deluxe pair – only a few inches wide – but there are the same two silicone strips on the inside for grip. There is an added little lace ruffle at the bottom of the band, which I find quite attractive.

Unfortunately, this review is not all rainbows and lollipops as the mesh fishnet thigh highs are simply too small. Yes I can put them on and get them over my knees but there is substantial muffin-topping. If I try and move, the bands roll over onto themselves (see this in progress via pics below). These are – technically – the same size as the 50111 Deluxe 20 but they fit small. The little ruffle is lost on my legs as the band pulls it taunt.

According to my measurements, the top of the band itself is nearly 1″ less in girth lying flat (unstretched): so nearly 2″ smaller considering both sides. I say ‘nearly’ as the band is curved and thus difficult to measure. I really really like these mesh fishnet hold ups on my legs as they are just gorgeous but I would need to order at least a size up (maybe two) for them to fit at my current weight.

Both pairs of hosiery I found to be very good quality overall: they felt strong yet gentle and I may even get a bunch of wears out of the semi-sheer stockings before I inevitably snag them. The mesh stockings feel nearly indestructible: I just need the right size. I do worry about size consistency across the company’s products as these two pairs of thigh high stockings are the same size, yet fit very different.

Unfortunately, Glamory Hosiery does not sell their own products via their own website. When I asked Tim why, he said “I feel that is counter productive to the sites that carry it. I don’t want them to feel they have to compete with me on pricing or even google search ranking.”

I must ardently disagree with Tim or at least insist that the rewards for selling direct to customers are greater than the potential conflict. I do 95% of my shopping online. I am currently plus-size. I am also a lingerie blogger. Yet, I did not know Glamory Hosiery existed before a few weeks ago.

Furthermore, their hosiery is difficult to find in Canada. While some websites like Forever Yours Lingerie carry a few styles, they do not carry the style I want to buy now (50111 Deluxe 20 in ivory). I will need to search international websites to a) find who carries this brand and b) who has the style and colour I want in stock and c) whose shipping is most reasonable. If Glamory Lingerie had their own website, then I would always know exactly where to find and buy the hosiery I want.

Disclosure: I received these items free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

In other news…

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing our Hosiery. We have found the same issue with the styles that have a smaller band. The Vital, Mesh and Allure all have the smaller band and we suggest sizing up.

    Glamory Hosiery


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thank you so much for sending them! It is good to know which lines run small for future purchases. 🙂


  2. margaruite says:

    New Zealand here-excellent review and very salient comments. I am 5.9, 135 kg and have hideous time trying to source plus size hosiery-these reviews are important.
    I would much prefer to buy direct from One Stop Shop for my hoisery. Shipping costs are formidable and it sucks waiting for them to arrive only to find the 6 pair I’ve ordered are no good to me. There seems to be a mind boggling amount of varience between various websites on sizing for same product. Also, and incredibly frustrating, is the brand has these larger sizes-however the website often only goes to a Q, or 2xl…does my head in.


    1. Avigayil says:

      I totally feel you on finding hosiery and about the shipping costs. So glad you liked the review and find it useful!


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