Where to Buy Plus-Size Androgynous Underwear

Androgyny is a combination of female and male characteristics. In lingerie, it is often expressed as masculine clothing designed for women’s bodies. Skinny, white people are the poster-children for androgynous style and much of the clothing and lingerie available caters specifically to that stereotype. Yet, today I am bringing you a few companies who – while making core-sized androgynous underwear (briefs | bottoms | knickers | etc.) – have expanded their upper size range to include plus. While size offerings vary, this is a positive sign that the lingerie community is recognising androgyny as a lifestyle / style / identity that anyone of any size can identify with.


1. Foxers

XL & 2XL

Foxers makes an array of underwear at the intersection between masculinity and femininity. They combine masculine elements – such as wide waistbands, solid colours, and boxer cuts – with feminine elements – such as lace, bows, and thongs. I like that Foxers does not merely take men’s underwear and make them for women – they innovate to create amazing androgynous lingerie. Personally, I just ordered a pair of Foxers Black Lace Boxers from Bluestocking’s Boutique. For now, Foxers come in XL and 2XL.


2. RodeoH

XL – 3X

RodeoH might be best known for their O-ring briefs, which can be worn like normal briefs or for play. Many of their androgynous styles are plus-size friendly including my favourite: the RodeoH Black Panty (Crotchless Design), which is available up to 3XL. These o-ring underwear come in a range of cuts including boxers, briefs, and panties. Most of the designs have a masculine feel to them with a few select pieces layered in lace. RodeoH also sell other androgynous underwear without the ring. For example, the RodeoH Marle Gray Boxer Underwear (Packer Friendly) are available up to 3XL. Not all of RodeoH’s underwear are available in plus-sizes but you can find some great pieces with a little looking.


3. Tomboy X

XL – 4X

Tomboy X has an incredible range of androgynous bottoms in different styles including: 6″ boxer briefs, 4.5″ boxer briefs, 2.5″ boy shorts, and tomboy briefs as well. I would consider Tomboy X a more traditional androgynous underwear line with masculine styles in solid colours or simple patterns. They use buttons; traditional patterning on the front; and thick, heavily waistbands. My favourite is the exquisitely simple Tomboy Short – Classic White. With up to size 4X in all their styles, TomboyX has the most generous size range I have encountered in androgynous underwear.

There are few companies devoted to androgynous underwear and there are even fewer making plus-size androgynous underwear. However, I anticipate this area will grow as demand for plus-size androgynous lingerie also grows.

In addition, there are androgynous style underwear sold by companies who neither cater to androgynous style nor to plus-size underwear. For example, the Jockey Modern Micro Boyshort is available up to a size 8 = 2XL. Knixwear’s Athletic Boyshorts – FitKnix also come up to a size 2XL with clean styling and a little extra tech build-in to them. I have heard that Fruit of the Loom makes good androgynous basics and their size chart goes up to a 2XL as well. Of course, whether these fit into androgynous style depends on your own personal interpretation of androgynous.

Unfortunately, some of the great mainstream companies making androgynous style underwear – such as Calvin Klein and Bjorn Borg – only go up to a large or an extra-large depending on their styles. Likewise, the popular Cotton Spandex Jersey Boy Brief by American Apparel is only up to an XL. I would love to see these companies expand their size ranges in the future.

I hope you found this round-up useful and feel free to suggest your own favourite androgynous styles for plus-size below! ❤

All images copyright their respective companies.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. cassie says:

    yay! i just read your interview with Holly Jackson, and was hoping to see more androgynous undies and here it is! i love the Foxers and hope to grab that set from Bluestocking’s boutique soon. my problem with androgynous wear is that nothing is made for full bust? is that the term for large cup and small back? I’m now a 32HH/34H, but i had the same probably as a 34K. where can we find built in tank bras or just cotton bras for this range? now that i’m smaller, i had hoped my dreams of cotton bras would be made, but still nothing until G cups. Thanks for more options for the bottoms though, i love the boxer look! looking forward to more of your stuff!


    1. Avigayil says:

      It is SO hard to find androgynous lingerie for full busts, thus I feel your pain. All the brands who do make more androgynous stuff for fuller busts – like Claudette (up to 38G) and All Undone (up to 34GG) – tend to end right before H cup. Same with Bluebella – which now makes up to 38G and a couple androgynous styles. I will look around but so far my only suggestion would be to try the Polish brands like Ewa Michalak or Comexim. While they are def. not androgynous, they do have some androgynous styles.
      Thanks for the comment! ❤


  2. Hi,
    Please check also our unisex style boyshorts: [link removed]
    Thx 🙂


    1. Avigayil says:

      Hi Nora,
      Thanks for the link, however, this is a post on where to find plus-size androgynous underwear. Your ‘girls’ sizes max out at an EU XL = US L according to your own size chart. Thus, your underwear would not qualify for this list as it does not serve the very under-represented niche of plus-size women who identify as androgynous.


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