Esty Pivoine Choker Bra Strap Review


This choker bra strap was a gift – no review was requested. All opinions are my own.

Estelle from Esty Lingerie sent me this beautiful Pivoine fluorescent pink choker bra strap with flowers –  handmade by Estelle herself. These bra straps are a unique take on the ‘strappy’ trend, which I like so much. The pivoine choker bra strap matches the rest of Esty’s Pivoine range but can be worn as a stand-alone piece paired with any bra. For a choker bra strap, the detail is elaborate with three chiffon flowers, faux pearls, and diamantés on a hot pink stretch elastic. Given this level of decadence – I like to think of it as bra jewellery.

When putting on a choker bra strap, slide the bra strap onto your bra BEFORE you put your bra on (I tried to put it on after: whoops!  ). The elastic rests under and over the gore – the middle bit between the cups.  Then, put your bra on and fasten the choker around your neck. Two slides on the choker adjust for a variety of neck widths and a slider on the strap adjusts for different torso lengths. I received the ‘plus’ size Pivoine choker strap but the regular would have done just as well: my neck is 14″. According to the chart:

  • Regular: up to 15″ neck
  • Plus: up to 20″ neck

As I received the plus, I am in the unique position to say that the plus fits small necks perfectly – Esty could probably capsize the two sizes into one. Now, I have high set breasts – breasts higher up on body than average – therefore, I cinch the strap as tight as possible to get the tension I like. Cinched tight, the strap is a great length for me but I would like a little shorter strap so I could cinch it tighter when I want.

The Pivoine choker bra strap is super girly – a combination of pinks and flowers and sparkly things to warm any girly-girl’s heart. It can be very hard to match (my usual wardrobe is rather un-pink) but solid black works. While this choker bra strap isn’t my usual personal aesthetic, I fucking adore the feeling of wearing it! Something I thought was just for aesthetic value has suddenly switched camps from ‘oh, this is pretty’ to ‘this feels so good’! The choker strap  is extraordinarily comfortable and the slight pressure exerted is delightful: it provides a degree of comfort/security through tactile feedback.

For those not in camp pink, Estelle makes a variety of choker bra straps. For everyday wear, this Black satin elastic triple choker detachable bra strap is my favourite and will certainly be a future purchase.

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