Change Room Stories IV: Featuring PJ Salvage, Cyberjammies & Eberjey


I had the wonderful opportunity to drop by Diane’s Lingerie again while I was in Vancouver for a friend’s birthday party. They were hosting an up to 70% off sale on bras, underwear, and lounge-wear so naturally I was hooked. As per usual, these are just raw photos taken from my iPhone camera while in the change room.


Eberjey Colette Bralet – Large

This bralet was an utter failure on me. The soft bra does not have anywhere near enough material for my chest, thus my breasts are squished up against my body and extra tissue pushed sideways. The fabric is also pulling east-west.  The Colette has a single row hook & eye claps in the back: on the loosest hook, the band sits flat on my chest but feels too tight. The Eberjey Colette Bralet in large is just way too small. However, the design is cute and fabric feels fine on my skin.

Eberjey Golden Girl Bralet – Large

This soft bra is a super pretty blue with gold accents but the colour doesn’t work well with my skin tone. Unfortunately, this Eberjey bralet is worse than the Colette. My breasts are super squished and the material is strongly pulling east-west against my breasts. I literally wore it long enough to snap a picture and immediately stripped it off for fear of damaging the fabric (no worries, bralet was fine). The band is solid with no adjustment area. The minuscule elastic in the under-bust felt severely inefficient for my breast weight. In the end, the Eberjey Golden Girl Bralet in large is also way too small.

PJ Salvage

PJ Salvage Fall into Flannel Polar Bear Pajama Set – XL

The first image is of the PJ Salvage set in XL. I was warned that this set ran big and they were correct: I am practically swimming in the XL and even my widest area – my hips – had too much room. Therefore, I sized down to a large.

PJ Salvage Fall into Flannel Polar Bear Pajama Set – L

The PJ Salvage Pajama Set fits well in a size large (second image). My hips have enough room and the waistband tapers in nicely. While the pant is still long, they have a cuff designed to be flipped over (see strips on shirt cuff as example). With cuff up, the pant length is perfect. The top is a bit generous still – my 42″ chest has plenty of room – but the sleeves and overall fit is good. I don’t think I could have sized down in the top due to my hips. The fabric is a DREAM: the most buttery soft flannel I have EVER felt.  I also love the inside pattern on the cuffs. – purchased –

PJ Salvage Fall into Flannel Polar Bear Pajama Shorts – XL

The matching shorts for the above set are sold separately, and I am so happy they are. I couldn’t snap pictures of the size large (which I also tried on) as they just didn’t fit: the low-hip and thigh region was sooooo tight. The XL shorts are a decent fit around the thighs and my ass and the they are super generous in the waist: I have to cinch that down a fair bit but it is a good feature for girls with larger tummies. I enjoy the grey trim and they match perfectly with the PJ set above. – purchased –

PJ Salvage Fall into Flannel Jelly Bean Pajama Shorts – XL

These fit the same as the Polar Bear Pajama Shorts above. They are a super cute print made in that same buttery-soft flannel and, while there were no other matching pieces left, I could not resist picking them up as well. I do have a pink Icebreaker camisole that looks really nice with them. – purchased –


Cyberjammies Danielle Print Shorts – XL

These shorts have a nice print though the scallop on the side of the leg really caught my eye. However, they are a fit disaster. There is too much fabric in the stomach / high hip area and not enough fabric at the low-hip and thigh area. The result is a fabric muffin: the shorts turn into a pouch around my waist and then go tight at my thighs. These are too big and too small at the exact same time.

I ended up picking up the PJ Salvage Fall into Flannel Polar Bear Pajama Set (large), the matching Polar Bear Pajama Shorts (XL) and the bonus Jelly Bean Pajama Shorts (XL). I was actually in dire need of flannel pyjamas so this sale turned out beautifully for me. All these pieces were 70% off, therefore I paid $27.60 for the PJ set (was $92) and $15.60 for each of the bottoms (were $52 each) plus 12% tax for a grand total of $65.86. I will be doing a thorough review of each of these pieces in the future – once they get a bit of wear.

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