Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie Skirt Review


I purchased the Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie Skirt a few months ago as it provided me with an exceptional chance to wear lingerie as outerwear. While I had not budgeted for the skirt, Kiss Me Deadly had only one left in stock in my size – L/XL – at the time with no promise of restocking on the horizon. Therefore, I took the plunge.

The Kiss Me Deadly skirt presents as a pencil-style skirt that is anything but simple. Opaque stretch knit panels adorn the front and back while the sides are semi-transparent mesh. The website says sheer: however, I think semi-sheer is far more accurate as the panels hide more than they reveal. Due to the mesh panels, this lingerie skirt is delicate: it cannot hold up to abuse such as rough edges, jagged nails, or sharp corners. Even casual wear seems to threaten the seams.

The skirt is nice on my 5’3 frame as it has sort of a business length that extends a bit past my knees. As for fit: it is stretches to moulds all my curves and hides nothing. Stomach pouch visible? Check. Full bottom on display? Check. Due to that super stretchy material, this lingerie skirt could not be a better fit if it were custom made. This was true the first day I first received the skirt and is still true even though I have gained a bit of weight. There is but one notable eccentricity: the lingerie skirt tries to ride up but it only goes up a couple of inches because the width of the fabric around the bow will not challenge my thighs.

My favourite part of the entire skirt has to be that bow at the back. I love the bow. Adore the bow. Would not have bought the skirt without the bow. The bow is an ESSENTIAL part of this skirt for me. It is big, beautiful, shiny, and soft. While the rest of the skirt feels minimalist, the bow provides an extra bit of decadence like raspberry sauce on vanilla ice cream.

When this skirt arrived, there were, sadly, some flaws. The seam on the front of one of the sheer panels had separated and the seam at the back of the waistband had also separated. As I had used a £10 coupon code on the skirt (I am prone to guilt for not paying full price) and my size was out of stock at the time, I decided to not apprise the company of the situation but rather try to get the flaws fixed locally.

I paid $10.50 upfront for tailoring. When I returned a week later to pick up, I was informed that they had to unexpectedly open up the entire side panel due to the way the mesh is attached to the opaque fabric. Therefore, they would not relinquish the garment until I paid an extra $10 for their extra work.

On top of those unexpected fees, I also got hit by customs for $35.50 when my Kiss Me Deadly package entered Canada. Therefore, my total cost for this skirt quickly became:

  • Skirt: $87.02
  • Tailoring: $20.50
  • Duty: $35.50

Total: $142.03 CAD

That total is even after a £10 discount – though total cost does includes shipping. In retrospect, I wouldn’t have bought the skirt had known what an expense it would become. We all have a ‘value’ for things in our head that helps us determine what we are willing to pay for an item. The final cost of this skirt exceeded my assign value for it.

The total cost and delicacy of the skirt has also made me extremely nervous of wearing it: I am scared it will catch on something and need to be fixed again or – worse – ruined. There are already sighs that the mesh-opaque joint is going to open up in other places (see top-right of back picture below) and I have worn the skirt for less than 6 hrs total.

That being said, this is such a nice skirt that moulds to fit different shapes and sizes as well as pulls double-duty in your wardrobe. I do think it is worth the initial £49 investment as long as you always handle it with the utmost of care.

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