La Girafe Bleue Lingerie Set Review

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La Girafe Bleue is a Canadian lingerie boutique on Etsy that uses material up-cycled from pre-loved clothing into bralettes and underwear. The bras and panties are affordable (so happy she bills in Canadian dollar) and good for the environment. These pre-loved cotton tees and more might otherwise end up in a landfill but La Girafe Bleue gives the fabric a new lease on life. La Girafe Bleue has also branched out into organic cotton, which I plan to try next.

I purchased the custom made lingerie set – matching bra and underwear – in a size 38DD and XXL respectively. 38DD is my sister size (up one band size, down one cup size for same volume) as I normally take a 36E. I asked for orange and blue – chose the two fabrics from pictures – and said ‘surprise me’ for the third colour. The result is a circus-esque array of bright orange, forest green, and deep sea blue (don’t let the colour palette throw you off – you can get whatever colours you like). While the underwear and the bra are a set – I will review the pieces individually.


The bra material is soft and comfortable: it is perfect for sleeping in and wearing on ‘off days’ – like on your period. I barely notice the seams at all and the elastic trim is comfortable against the skin. My favourite feature of the bra is the two-tone shoulder straps as one trim wraps around the back and another around the front. Together they make the cutest straps ever.

Sister-sizing was a mistake, however. I cannot get the band to actually stay under my breasts. Instead, it rides up until only the bottom of the band – where the elastic is – rests on my underbust. This just doesn’t look as nice but it is still comfortable. I checked if it was a cup-size issue but I do not overflow the cups when I put the band back in place. This is odd: there is obvious stretch around the breasts as the white stitching at the seams is showing through (which is annoying, I admit). Due to the soft band, I am unsure whether a 36″ band would even stay in place or whether it would just stretch even worse as the weight of my breasts attempts to displace the bra. Essentially: nice, comfy, eco-friendly bralette but we are incompatible my friend.


The underwear was like a revelation to me on comfort and fit. The XXL – which is technically a bit smaller than my full hip – are just lovely. Originally I had planned to request a high-rise version be made, but I am SO glad that I decided to try her regular rise first as the height is just right. In fact, I quickly determined that I need another pair as they are a dream to sleep in. I also like how she plays with the trim on the underwear like she does on the bra.

Now, the underwear was not without a fluke problem (story of my life): the one fabric used was defective. It stretched out on first wear (24 hrs) with no intention of returning to previous shape. The owner was quick to propose a resolution and noted her regret as she carefully checks all the fabrics she uses.

I must say that I have been impressed with the customer service from La Girafe Bleue. The owner provided me with fabric swatches when I was choosing colours. Her replies were always timely and I received this set in a short amount of time for something handmade. When I showed her the issue with the one fabric, she was very quick to both respond, reaffirm, and propose a solution.

La Girafe Bleue’s shipping prices are also incredibly reasonable across Canada. While I will not get another bralette due to incompatibility, I have purchased another pair of La Girafe Bleue underwear – these kid’s artwork briefs (OMG they are sooooo cute!).

In other news…

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