Freya Marvel Bra Review

Marvel5 copy copy

I heard legends about this awesome bra by Freya that could make the most unmotivated boobs suddenly perform this trick called ‘cleavage’ and I just had to try it. The legends spoke of the Freya Marvel bra – no longer made by Freya – easily found on eBay Canada. I ordered my customary 36E in Glacier White from Belle Lingerie for £11.95 plus £2.95 shipping to Canada (super cheap people).

This bra is my superhero! The Marvel lifts my breasts up and pushes them more towards the centre of my chest (as centred as my east-west jiggles of joy can get). Instead of upside down pyramids swinging from a vertical earth, I get two rounded mounds of flesh perfectly positioned and controlled within the Freya Marvel. I do believe this is ‘two cakes on a plate’ syndrome, or as close as my breasts will ever come to reproducing that. The Freya Marvel’s superpower is defying gravity.

Since switching to soft cup bras, my breasts have never felt so well controlled and secure inside a bra as they are in the Freya Marvel. I could probably hang upside down on the monkey bars without my breasts popping out. The bra also controls a lot of daily bounce, which is pretty sweet. The cup fabric is super soft and comfortable though the bra straps irritate a bit. No worries there, they do soften up in the wash.

I am super shallow on top and Marvel totally understands that. She doesn’t give me any excess fabric, rather I have a pretty smooth line up top. FYI: I do get a tiny bit of fabric bubble when I shove the straps in too far on my shoulders. The straps aren’t too wide per-say, but they are borderline. There is one fit oddity worth mentioning: the bottom of the wires tip out on my body. I am thinking it is due to the shape of my ribcage, but I would love to hear if anyone else has this same issue. You might note that the wire is not up against the bottom on my breast in the top picture: this is normal as that is my ‘higher’ breast.  Most women’s breasts have variations in size and height.

Unfortunately, I gave gained some holiday weight (woopsie) due to a 48-pack of Ferrero Rocher and a bunch of other junk accumulating in my household. Therefore, the bra is too tight for comfort right now as my underbust measurement has gone up to 36.5″. I am wearing it without an extender in these pictures but for long term wear I need an extender on it. I do consider this bra true to size: I am just refusing to size up in the band to a 38DD as I plan to take the weight back off (don’t we all say that).

Overall, I am delighted with this bra. I know I need to size up in the band or lose a bit of under bust to turn this into an everyday bra, but I see doing just that in the future. I really like the shape the bra gives under my clothing. This bra also makes an excellent budget buy from eBay for those short on funds who want bras high in features. [8/10]

P.S. I am one of the top 20 finalists for the Esty Lingerie Design Competition. You can see (and vote) for my design HERE as well as check out the rest of the contest entrants. I feel honoured just to be among the top 20 finalists.

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