Dear Bowie Papaya Silk Robe Review


We all have dream pieces of lingerie, and this is one of mine. I have a positive infatuation with the colour orange and some variations of it. However, most retailers do not bother with orange (or yellow or green) as it doesn’t sell. I am grateful that Dear Bowie took the risk and made this gorgeous Papaya Robe. Made of 100% silk, the robe is soft, decadent, and delicate. Far from a plain silk robe, the Papaya Robe has oodles of features that make it a personal favourite:

DB3POCKETS: You heard right, Dear Bowie has created a female garment with pockets! I finally have somewhere to stick my cell phone and my hands when they are not in use.

HOOD: I adore hoods. Hoods are right up there with thumb holes and pockets. Robes are essentially for lounging and being all comfortable so a hood is like an essential luxury (haha, love that combo) that makes any robe better. It just does.

ACCENTS: While the Dear Bowie Papaya Robe is all one colour – papaya – and made of one material – silk – Dear Bowie doesn’t allow that to limit its potential. The belt, lapels, and inside of the hood are all lined with ‘hammered silk’ giving both pattern and tactile texture to the garment.

The Dear Bowie robe also visually transforms. Have your sleeves up or down. When up, hammered silk tabs connect to pretty gold buttons that look more like stolen treasure from a lost pirate chest than anything else. Down, the sleeves end at about the elbows. The front of the robe can be closed with a single silk-covered button or left open to expose the hammered silk trim. The hood can be up or down, affecting the appearance of the entire garment. Mix and match these features for several different styles.

Fit is a simple matter: perfect. Dear Bowie’s robes are quite generous as Holly pointed out in her review of the Dear Bowie Kate Maxi Robe on the Lingerie Addict. Reading her review gave me the confidence to order the Papaya Robe, which had been on my wishlist for quite a while. My hips are somewhere around 47″ right now and the robe neither pulls nor gapes around my hips. The fabric around the chest is quite generous as well. Perfection

On the ‘cons’ side of things, the silk is thinner than I had anticipated. Instead of opaque, the material is partially sheer; therefore it limits what can be worn underneath without showing. Silk is my favourite material; however, I consider the material quite temperamental as it neither handles abuse nor forgives abuse. Tragically, this parcel was left out in the rain by my mail delivery person and – while the majority of the robe was not damaged – the humidity caused bleed from the tag onto a bottom corner of the robe. This sort of damage is par for the course when you have silk: water, animals, and food do not combine with this decadent yet delicate fabric.

While this robe is sold out at Dear Bowie, you can get the same robe in black on sale from $345 down to $220. Dear Bowie may be a Canadian company, yet they bill in US instead of CA dollars. Given the steep decline of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar in the last year, it is becoming more and more difficult to support Canadian lingerie brands who choose not to bill in our own currency. I would love to buy from Dear Bowie in the future as their fabrics are gorgeous, their designs are thoughtful, and their colour palette is exceptional – but our currency will need to recover before I am financially able to do so again. [9/10]

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  1. Trish says:

    Wow I have a dear bowie maxi robe in modal I love but it doesn’t have pockets! I don’t think I would buy orange for myself but it looks nice on you. Thanks for the thorough review.


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