Playful Promises Portia Set Review


When Playful Promises reached out offering a lingerie set for me to review – I think I was struck dumb. I was like – OMG, ME?! *squee* Then I proceeded to bounce around the house for a few hours like a three-year-old who just ate their entire bag of Halloween candy.

I already own several pieces of Playful Promises’ lingerie and – if I could – I would vote their new Full Bust collection the most exciting thing to happen for full busts in 2015. Their new range includes gorgeous bras and daring bras with complementary knickers and garter belts. Given the chance to review a set for my readers, I resisted the pull of the Juliet and indulged in the divine Portia. This review covers the Portia Vintage Stitch Teal Bra in 36E, Portia Vintage Stitch Teal Brief in XL, and Portia Teal Vintage Stitch Suspender Belt in XL.

Portia is indulgent: a lingerie set designed to delight and enamour. The set reminds me of old Hollywood glamour – lingerie I would layer under a gorgeous gown for an evening to the opera. To do this set any justice, I pulled out my vintage opera cloak, vintage gloves, and necklace made with Vintage Turkish coins for the pictures. Even with these glamourous pieces from my personal collection – Portia steals the show. The set is impeccably designed with amazing attention to detail within each individual piece and across the entire set.

First, I must say that the colour of Portia is like mythical seawater in which mermaids frolic and lure seamen to their death. It is nearly impossible to photograph the colour properly as it straddles the line between aqua and teal. I will admit that my camera makes it look more aqua but it is a tad greener in person. I ADORE this colour palette. In a world of playing it safe, I think that Playful Promises has really given the full bust community an incredibly decadent choice.


The Portia bra features incredible attention to detail with vintage style stitching on the molded cups – that is impeccable – and a black eyelash lace overlay at the top. The shoulder straps are two-part with the front half encased in ruched satin that matches the bra. This is a pretty rare feature, no other bra I own has shoulder straps encased in fabric – love it. The rings and sliders are gold toned, thus adding that little extra bit of decadence. It truly feels like care and consideration went into every aspect of Portia’s design and execution. There is but one issue I must mention: representative imagery.

The black eyelash lace overlays the satin; however, the website shows the eyelash lace as see-through with skin underneath on the model. In the non-model pictures, you can see the background through the lace. On the actual bra, the satin goes up to the top and the eyelash lace simply overlays it. As this may affect customer’s decision making (as it did mine), I thought it important to mention the difference.

That brings us to fit! This is one of those cases where one of those bravangalists about bra fit would be like ‘no – shame, shame’ and I would be like ‘fuck that – if you love it that is all that matters!’ Most people do not have my breast shape so I will keep the bra part short and simple. This bra + my boobs are not great for each other in the fit department. I have immediate projection and am shallow up top. While this bra has oodles of projection in the middle (and the gore – middle bra bit – does tact), the bottom is not quite projected enough and my high-set breasts don’t help the cause. This is probably what bothers me the most because it looks kinda weird – see my pictures. The top of the bra has a bit of gaping (especially on my smaller breast side) but it is not enough to warrant going down a cup size at this time as I fill out the rest of the bra.

If I loose a smidgen of breast weight in the future, then I will get the 36DD – incompatibility be damned – as I ADORE it.  The Portia Vintage Stitch bra actually has a good width for my breasts and the projection is pretty friggen awesome – my boobs look AMAZING in this bra when I wear it under almost any top. FYI: the stitching will show through tight tops so just love it!


The matching Portia briefs are awesome. They are composed of a sheer mesh back, two straps wrapping around the sides, and a low-rise front that covers just the bare necessities. These are not your ‘play safe’ underwear and I couldn’t be happier. The stitching on the front echos that on the bra and there is a matching black ribbon on both (the bra and the briefs).

Oh my sweet baby unicorns – the briefs are a phenomenal fit. Look, I am technically sized out of Playful Promises briefs but these fit me so well it is like the underwear gods saw my ass and anointed it with this briefs. Seriously – gorgeous. These briefs are super stretchy so girls with 47″ hips – hear me – these XL briefs will still love your bottom. I could not show you just how amazing the fit is because those would be totally NSFW pictures – but you can see that my body is doing jusssssst fine in these bottoms. They are low rise – which I generally avoid – but there is something so sexy and divine about these bottoms. For soft and squishy in the front girls – it is gonna show. Embrace.


This is my first ever three-piece lingerie set so can I hear a cheer? I am seriously stoked to no longer be a three-piece virgin. The Portia garter offers a little extra ‘modesty’ up front. The set is cohesive as all three garments have opaque satin in the front and sheer mesh in the back. The garter and the briefs both have black stitching to mimic the vintage stitching on the bra and both are trimmed with black lace.

Like the briefs, the Portia garter belt is super stretchy and I could have sized down. I am currently between a 33″ and a 34″ waist these days – for reference – and I am wearing the garter on its tightest hooks. It does not fall down as there ain’t no way it can get past my hips but I totally could have gone for a L. If you are around my same waist measurements, then consider buying a large.

The garter really looks beautiful when layered over the underwear – especially on the sides where you can see the straps of the underwear underneath the mesh of the garter. It looks so pretty. I usually give matching garters a miss – but I think this set is much better with the matching garter and if you don’t buy it, then you are missing out on a beautiful layering piece.

Oh yeah, the clasps are super easy to connect to stockings and I SUCK at putting on stockings. These are super smooth operators as Playful Promises has really improved their garters over the years (way better than my Morgana garter slip clasps).

Disclaimer: I receive this set of lingerie from Playful promises to review. All opinions are, naturally, my own.


I really adore this set but I do realize the fit limitations of the bra given it is molded and my natural breast shape does not work well with molded bras. However, fit can be damned because I like the colour, design, and quality of this set so much. I cannot exactly say if this bra runs true to size given my own fit issues with the bra – but I believe it is true to size as my issues tend to revolve around shape and projection – not volume issues. The briefs and the garter are generously stretchy to my delight, so plenty of shapes and sizes can fit comfortably. If you like the Portia, I think it is worth springing for the entire set – or bribing your mate to buy it for you – as the three pieces both complement and complete each other. [8/10]

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