NEWS: Because OMG it is Cyber Monday & Who Wants to Read a Review?

Welcome to this ‘short’ news edition of Lingerie Detective because – frankly – it is Cyber Monday and who on earth wants to read a review when you could be SHOPPING. In all seriousness, I work for a blog that does shopping deals so I already hit Black Friday Burnout and am heading into Cyber Monday Madness. I am barely coherent.

NEWS! I have great news. Sad news. And just news. Let us get started!

Esty Lingerie blog awards 2015_zps0ztjvmgh

1) I have been nominated – alongside some other amazing blogs – for the Esty Lingerie Blog Awards 2015 in the category of “BEST LINGERIE BLOG FOR: REVIEWS.” Just being nominated and acknowledged is a complete honour. If you like the work I do here, please vote for me. As a voter you could even win a gift voucher.

esty2) Currently, I am guest writing for other amazing, wonderful blogs! I have recently created a Guest Articles page for you to check out the work I am doing elsewhere. Tthere are three articles currently up, and I anticipate at least another two articles by the end of the year. If you are interested in having me write for you, then please contact me.

3) Starting December 1st, I am going on a two-month lingerie and clothing diet. In simple terms: I am not going to be purchasing any clothing or lingerie until the end of January (one exclusion). There will still be reviews coming out every week or second week – this will not affect my usual review schedule. However, this is a decision based on so many intertwined thoughts, feelings, and issues. Here is a rundown – translation: RANT.

a. Lately I have had a run of things just going wrong and those things become expensive both financially and emotionally.  Here is an example of the issues in just ONE month:

i. I received a piece of lingerie from England that a) had an extra $35 worth of duty on it b) had the seam pulled out in two places that you could not find unless you put it on and c) it was supposed to just cost me $10.60 to fix but the tailor underestimated the complexity of the job so they held my skirt for random till I coughed up another $10. Suddenly, my $87 skirt became roughly $143.
ii. The post office thought it was totally appropriate to leave one of my lingerie packages out in the rain. That package contained a 100% silk robe. Damage, thankfully, was minimal. The stress, was not.
iii. Fedex has decided that they will randomly send me bills for duty approximately two months after I have received a package when the thought of paying duty has long since left my mind.
iiii. Water spilled on silk. Holes randomly appearing in lace. I swear I have like a lingerie curse right now because everything I touch seems to have trouble staying in one piece.
iiiii. Underwear purchased. Underwear not fit. Here they go into my trunk of ‘I wish this fit but it doesn’t so here it lays’. 

ebayb. I am also highly fluctuating in weight lately, which leads to another whole set of frustrations including things not fitting, things fitting differently, and brand new pieces that I worship going from ‘this sorta fits’ to ‘I can’t fucking get into it!!’. The stress of the big shopping holidays also makes it difficult to maintain any sort of balance.

c. Burnout. After a while I get tired of buying ‘so close’ – ‘almost’ – ‘if I just lost’ – it is a bit tight’ – ‘maybe if’. I’m tired of most everything I want always being just a tiny bit too small and some little voice inside me says “but you might fit” or “it looks stretchy.” Someone should shoot that voice.

4) This brings me to my last point: cleanse! Yup, I am going to be starting a full-on lingerie purge from my own wardrobe. I have a copy of The Ultimate Lingerie Closet Cleanse by Jeanna (from Bluestockings Boutique) and a bunch of ideas of my own. I will be cleaning out my drawers, closets, boxes, and my steamer trunk. You can get in on the action and make me a VERY happy camper by checkout out my eBay account where I will be dropping a ton of beautiful lingerie over the next couple of months that needs a new home. ❤ Most has never been worn! This is also a great way to help me continue to bring you awesome reviews as any money I make selling goes back into my lingerie fund. If you want to buy privately, then you can contact me about an item you see on eBay.

I just want to say that all my readers are like little sparks of light in my world and I am so grateful for each one of you! Thank you so much for reading.

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