Karolina Laskowska Sample Eyelash Lace Mask Review


I am binging on eye masks lately as they are a decadent treat guaranteed to fit no matter what your body size – which is nice when your body weight is in flux. *eek* The Karolina Laskowska Eyelash Lace Mask (sample) is the newest addition to my budding mask collection, which I purchased for £5 ($10 CAN) plus shipping during a sample sale. I know… I nearly passed out when I saw it at that price! 😀

Owning a lace eye mask is/was a dream of mine. I love the mystery and the exoticism of having the eyes partially covered. I am especially enamored with masks as they hide yet draw attention to that which is hidden – it is a beautiful paradox. An eyelash lace mask like this is simply lingerie for your face. ♥

The quality of materials is as expected from a luxury designer: decadent. The lace panel is well balanced with the center of the scalloped edge resting over the bridge of the nose creating symmetry on each side of your face (one scallop on the nose and 1 1/2 on each side). While the pattern is floral, it is not overwhelmingly so – thus it still appeals to me (and we know how much I hate floral).

The black satin ribbon ties are ample, soft, and structured. I have a special love affair with ties and these leave a beautiful, thick bow on the back of your head. Not only are they generously long, they are generously thick as well! I tie them on top of my hair but you could tie them beneath your hair as well – I tired it and it works. Hypothetically, the ties are long enough to bind the wrists behind your head; however, the delicacy of the lace panel discourages me from doing so.

While a mask like this is generally designed for bedroom use, I can’t help but want to wear it out! I think a formal occasion in the evening (like the orchestra) or a beautiful dinner out would be an excellent excuse for wearing this eyelash lace mask in public.

Materials aside, it is quite evident that this is a sample piece given that the stitching is atrocious. The ties are not sewn on straight and the stitching is uneven. On a normal piece of lingerie I would be quite perturbed; however, this is a sample that was not designed for commercial sale. The flaws do not affect the integrity or wear-ability of the eyelash lace mask.

Design wise, I would like to see, in the future, a more structured piece of fabric across the top of the lace to prevent the lace from stretching (I get nervous about this!!! 😦 ). Perhaps a piece of satin folded over the top or even a velvet trim just to prevent the lace from stretching too much when I am tying the lace mask on.

It is of utter importance to remember that this is a sample mask from a sample sale. As it is, I am MORE than delighted with it. Sumptuous fabrics combined with beautiful designs make this a beautiful addition to any lingerie collection. [8/10]

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