8 Tips & Tricks for Surviving Black Friday Lingerie Shopping


I work as a deal blogger here in Canada, so I know how incredibly overwhelming Black Friday / Plaid Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday shopping can be. Here is a shortlist of tips to help you make it through the largest shopping day(s) of the year – which is a mere one week away!

1) Sign up to the mailing lists of your favourite brands/boutiques

Many lingerie boutiques and brands will offer an exclusive discount, early access, or exclusive information to their newsletter subscribers. This is a good way to find out who is having what sale and how much they will be discounting the items.

Previous BF & CM sale @ Made by Niki
2) Pick out the items you want before the sales start

It is so easy to get blinded by all the pretty lingerie at great sale prices when Black Friday hits. Thus, it is best to visit the website beforehand to pick out your favourite pieces. This strategy will reduce the tendency to compromise style for price: this is a tendency to buy item A because it has a larger discount than item B, which we really prefer when it comes down to it.

3) Check times, dates, and time-zones for each sale

Deals vary in their start time with some companies starting on Friday, others on Thursday, some starting earlier in the week, and others forgoing Black Friday for Small Business Saturday/Plaid Friday or Cyber Monday.  Make sure you know what day the sales are starting, what time they begin, and what time-zone they are using.

4) Make a wish list and check the links twice

After you have picked out your favourite items, it is time to stick them into a wish list (like Amazon wish list) with deep-links. This way you can easily locate what you want to buy without having to scroll through pages and pages of deals. Black Friday is well known for ‘doorbusters’ and deals that sell out quickly, thus a wish list with deep-links give you a better chance of scoring the deal you want.

Previous CM deal @ Kiss Me Deadly
5) Prioritize your purchases

Popular sizes and popular lingerie pieces tend to sell out quickly, so make sure to prioritize your wish list. Buy your most wanted items first so they do not go out of stock before you have the chance. I am always reminded of What Katie Did when I think of prioritizing: when they put their corsets on sale they sell out within minutes!

6) Set a strict budget

You cannot buy everything (well, most of us cannot). Set a budget for yourself and stick to it! I know we all have certain lingerie brands and boutiques that we want to support but we also must be reasonable. If you are setting a monetary budget, then set that money aside in a separate bank account or stick it in Paypal. If setting a quantitative budget, then select either a) a set number of items you will by or b) the precise pieces you are going to buy and a wildcard just to be safe side. For example: you may want to buy two bra sets and a babydoll. Then add in a ‘wildcard’ in case you find a piece you just must have.

7) Only buy sizes that fit you now

So many of us want to be size [X], but you should not let that sway your purchases. Buy lingerie only for the size you are NOW – not the size you will be. Do not be swayed by the last size(s) in stock that is not quite your size but could possible fit if… etc. etc. Just don’t do it. Buy for who you are not who you will be. Who you will be will find plenty enough lingerie sales when that point in time comes.

Previous CM sale @ Intimacy
8) Support lingerie brands and boutiques other days of the year too

This may seem like an odd idea in a Black Friday/ Plaid Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday post but it bears noting. Lingerie brands and boutiques count on regular price sales throughout the year to keep alive and yes – even make a profit. They are not non-profit organizations! Many of these companies take a loss or a substantially reduced profit on the pieces you will be buying. Therefore, it is imperative that you buy from the companies you love all year around so they still exist on Black Friday.

What tips and tricks do you use for surviving the Black Friday Weekend? let me know in the comments below!

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