Bracli Double Pearl Thong Review


The Bracli Double Pearl Thong may be the sexiest underwear in existence. Forget fabric between your legs, you and your vagina will enjoy a double strand of Manacor (man-made) Pearls that tuck in between your lips. Finishing this minimalist design is a stretch french lace waistband.


I ordered a size ‘Plus’, which supposedly fits a size 12 to 16 US. I made the mistake of not further consulting the size chart, which says: Plus (12 to 16 US) – Hips 94 – 112 cm. I find it hard to consider 112 cm equal to a size 16, but the size problem is my fault. My hips are approx. 117 cm, thus all comments on fit should be taken in light of this (note: this is Bracli’s largest size. Technically, I am sized out and most ‘plus’ size women will be as well).

The Bracli is aesthetically pleasing and well presented in a reusable storage box. While several colour options are available, I chose ivory so the stretch lace would match the pearls. Materials are obviously of a high quality.

While I ordered the Double Pearl Thong, the strand is only double part way back and then the back half is one strand. There is a pearl ring around the double strand that I assume keeps the pearl strands together. I enjoy the feeling of the pearls as they are smooth and cool to the touch. The weight is yummy – substantial – incredibly different. You KNOW when you are wearing this thong and that is why you WANT to own one! This double-strand pearl thong is made to be felt the entire time it is on your sexy body. 🙂

The French Lace band (so pretty) of the Bracli is incredibly soft and lays very flat on the skin – practically undetectable. I find the band size perfect; yet, the length of the pearls from front to back is too short for my ‘girth’. The waistband is then pulled down by the pearls anchored between my legs. Especially when sitting, I get a pearl wedgie. It is moderately uncomfortable, puts stress on the lace, and flashes ass crack  (ugggghh! 😦 ). The pearl strand should be at least an inch longer, preferably two. I do wonder, do they use the same length of pearl strand for all their sizes?

Unfortunately, the Bracli thong looks really WEIRD while wearing (not sexy, sorry… not even close!). As the pearls disappear, you are left with a narrow band of ‘floating’ fabric culminating in a small ‘V’ on your crotch. Not the most aesthetically pleasing, I must say!  I also feel self-conscious as, with the pearls out of sight, the thong sort of looks like a rubber band on an egg (as my Dad used to say… and fuck I hate that line 😦 ). I do NOT find this thong flattering on my body. Additionally, the thong probably looks WAY better on shaved girls as pubic hair tends to puff out on each side of the fabric. Of course, the pearl thong would probably look a bit better if it wasn’t trying to give me a damn wedgie!

Every review I have read on the Bracli Pearl Thong either said it was A) horribly uncomfortable or B) insanely arousing. Here is my take on these themes:

Comfort: The discomfort I experience is due to fit alone as, individually, the components of the original pearl thong are comfortable. You do need to take (extra) time adjusting to get the pearl position right for you.

Arousal: The pearls are mildly arousing. I tend to maintain a higher moisture level than usual when I wear the Bracli thong. I think the pearl thong is most effective as a secondary stimulus when you are stimulated in another manner: through words, flirting, toys, hands, etc. I must say that this pearl thong and the Hitachi Magic Wand make a really cool combo for self-pleasure. 😀 The vibration from the wand travels through the pearls for a wider range of stimulation.


It is difficult to review lingerie when it does not fit properly (my fault). I ADORE the idea of the Bracli Original Pearl Thong but the execution of the ‘plus size’ on my plus size body leaves me wanting more… more room that is. I do feel sexy in the thong, but I do not think I look sexy in it. In the future, I hope Bracli expands its size range as it is difficult to find quality sex(ual) and erotic lingerie for plus size women. I would also like to see some ‘plus’ size options with a thicker waistband. [6/10]

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