ParaNoire “Peek-a-Boo” Panty Review


ParaNoire is a brilliant little brand out of Germany that sells panties and bralettes via Etsy. They have distinguished themselves – in my mind – by refusing to use letter sizing or dress sizing for their lingerie. Instead, ParaNoire sizes all underwear by hip measurement and all bralettes by a combination of unberbust and bust measurements. They are one of the only places I know that goes up to 134 cm hip, thus they are quite plus-size friendly.

I received the The “Peek-a-Boo” Panty – silk satin (royal blue | 116 cm) as a gift friend a friend and then proceeded to purchase the same pantie in ivory (116 cm) for myself when ParaNoire was throwing a big sale. I also ordered the The “Peek-a-Boo” Panty – mesh (black | 116 cm) as well. The two pairs of underwear I ordered came with a custom modification: the leg opening was raised by an 1″ in the front.


Royal Blue Silk Satin: Perfectly comfy! I an ecstatic to have a more structured material fit my butt! The peak hole is tres adorable and I like how you can tighten up the top for smaller waists. On my ass, they undies shows a good amount of butt cleavage and they really make me appreciate my ample ass. πŸ™‚ The only real fit issue is that the front leg-hole bunches up a bit, but it does not affect overall comfort level.

These are more ‘mid-cut’ underwear than high-rise on my body, but they sit well and really look amazing. *squee* Overall, I am delighted by the style of the panties and the quality of materials (they feel so lux!) used at a reasonable price (€39 + €6.90 shipping to Canada). By the way, the colour is PHENOMENAL! It is just crazy gorgeous! [8/10]

Ivory Silk Satin: The ivory panties are the same style and material as the royal blue underwear above, thus they have the same ‘pluses’ as the ones above. These ivory peek-a-boo panties match a bunch of ivory silk tops (with black accents) that I already own so this colour combo is perfection. The addition of an unexpected black bow on this pair is also a nice touch. Her custom adjustments to the leg line (raised by 1″ in front) is a much better on my body with far less bunching.

However, the ivory pair is too tight (they are about 1″ smaller), causing the fabric to stress, the seams to pull ominously, and my butt to ‘muffin-top’ out the ‘peek-hole’ if I try and adjust. I would need to loose about an inch of hip girth for a good fit. [7/10]

Black Mesh: These knickers are my fucking UNICORN! β™₯ They fit so beautifully that I can forget I am wearing undies. The mesh is soft and has an incredible amount of stretch to it for perfect comfort even on ‘those days’. I have never had a more perfect leg-line in my life as it follows my curve exactly = huge win for the customized leg rise in the front! These come in a true high-rise that I crave, worship, and adore. πŸ˜€ They offer plenty of ass coverage and yet get cheeky with the peek-a-boo design again.

On these, the peak-a-boo is more on the lower back than the ass. Given that I have such a strong taper between my waist and my hips (in the back), these are a little big around my waist, even cinched down. However, they stay up at all times – even when sleeping – so performance is not affected. Even so, I may ask for a custom waist next time.

In the future, I would like to see the same design without the ribbon – have the peek-a-boo encased in mesh – for less visibility under clothing. The “Peek-a-Boo” Mesh Panties by ParaNoire are really an amazing mid-range (€35 + €6.90 shipping) pair of underwear that mixes cheeky design, good quality materials, and affordability. For sexy, adventurous, daily knickers… these are the best β™₯ [9/10]

General Remarks:

The “Peek-a-Boo” panties in both mesh and silk satin are fantastic underwear at a good mid-range price. For fine-tuning, I would like to see loose threads trimmed off and a little more size consistency. Quibbles aside, I just love what ParaNoire is doing with designs, fabrics, and sizing. This brand from Germany is ‘all sizes friendly’ as they have an incredible size range from 82 cm to 134 cm and also offer custom. If you are looking for ‘luxury’ underwear on a mid-range budget, I would highly recommend ParaNoire. β™₯

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