Black Milk Cleopatra Bodysuit Review

BMCleo1Black Milk Clothing is one of my go-to brands for clothing that fits. They also produce swimsuits and bodysuits up to a size XL, which is up to a 49″ hip. Gotta love a company that has such an awesome size range as standard. ❤ I acquired The Cleopatra Bodysuit (Size L) from Black Milk as I had such success with the A-Sassy-Nation Bodysuit previously. Unlike A-Sassy-Nation, which was OSFA, the Cleopatra bodysuit comes in two sizes: S & L to serve both ends of the spectrum. I picked up a size L, which is designed to fit sizes M through XL.

Indeed, there is seemingly endless stretch in the body of this bodysuit to accommodate all the curves you can possibly throw at it. It really doesn’t matter whether you carry your weight in your tummy or your hips or your boobs as the entire bodysuit stretches four-ways to tuck it all in. Given this stretch, the Cleopatra bodysuit is insanely comfortable. I enjoy wearing it at home when I still want to be able to check the mail or answer the door without having to throw on another layer.

Right now, this is my go-to bodysuit for lounging around the house. I am not the type of person that prizes comfort over style because when I wear ugly clothing (sweats, etc.) I feel ugly. However, some days I NEED comfort – and it must be married with style – therefore this bodysuit checks off both boxes. I can have my chill out and fucking pretend the world doesn’t exist day while still being able to look in the mirror and think I look not bad. Maybe even nice.

Some of my favourite features include the funky cut-out neckline pattern (more about that below) and the half-sleeve. I tend to roll up my sleeves on everything so a bodysuit that uncovers my forearms is doing the job for me.

The Black Milk Cleopatra bodysuit layers easily under skirts for going out as it stays opaque instead of going sheer (like A-Sassy-Nation, which I also wear out – cause I don’t care :p ). It does still ride up my ass throughout the day so it needs a swift tug to move the fabric back into place. I do not mind that so much, as all my bodysuits do it, but there are a few other issues with the bodysuit that should be noted.

1) The sleeves have issues. It feels like the material for the shoulder is too long in proportion to the part underneath the arm. I have to really adjust the arms to be able to lift my arms without pulling at the underarm fabric. Yet, the outer fabric still bubbles up. This problem may be causing the underarm seams to be prematurely showing signs of wear.

2) The top is too big. This is a strange phenomenon as my bust – at 43″ currently – is near the top of the XL size range (43.5″). However, the neckline design does not come through as clearly as it does on the model. There are essentially three rows of patterning and the bottom row is barely visible and the upper two rows are okay but not showing the full pattern due to lack of stretch. Perhaps my narrow shoulders also have something to do with this?

3) Too much fabric at the waist. There is several inches of excess fabric and often the waist does not touch down on my skin. My waist is the smallest part of my torso, so I like to show it off, ya’know?

Given that I – as an L/XL in Black Milk – am having issues with too much fabric around the bust and waist, I do wonder what this bodysuit would look like on a medium size woman. Honestly, the bigger you are the better this bodysuit is going to fit (to a limit).

Overall, this bodysuit is a balance of pros and cons. Given than different days and different moods require different attributes from my wardrobe, I am happy this is part of my collection. Seriously, this is a great I fucking hate this day bodysuit to keep you comfortable and help you feel good about yourself while the world is raining on your parade. [710]

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